Zarathushtra - (Zoroaster)






Good & Evil


In the spirit of prophetic light
I saw the vision of an eternal fight
Soldiers of good fighting those of lie
For their cause, each would gladly die.

I sang Zarathushtra’s Divine Songs
Meditated upon my rights and wrongs
An inspiring insightful spark
Imprinted its revealing mark
In my vision, my senses awoke
Zarathushtra to me thus spoke:
"You must choose in duality
To create your reality
Forces of both evil and good
Exist within, just as they should.
If you dig deep, you'll surely find
The Devil resides only in your mind
And it's up to you to pick and choose
Which embrace, which refuse.
Against the Devil, you need not fight
It's sufficient to choose the right.
Choose light and good without fear
Darkness and Devil disappear."

Shahriar Shahriari
Vancouver, Canada
November 16, 1997

Printed in FEZANA Journal, Spring 1998 issue, Pg. 29


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