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The following is and unedited and un-reviewed list of links to web pages related to Zoroastrianism, including personal links to web pages of Zoroastrian individuals. Inclusion on this page is free for all, and no endorsement is implied. For more information, please see Disclaimer.


Zoroastrian Information

Zoroastrian Education & Research Society
News and articles.
"In The Light The Of Truth" The Grail Message by Abd Ru Shin explains all spiritual laws in creation. It speak directly to the individual. Including also is book explaining the life of the Truth bringer Zoroaster.

Consumer Electronics Discount Store
We deal in brand-name consumer electronics and accessories for the whole family. We also deal in books on Zoroastrianism. Bookmark this site!

The Zoroastrian Home Page
A brief introduction to this ancient religion

Nikan's Empire
This site has numerous links to other Zoroastrian web sites.

Short Details of Lord AHURAMAZDA


Zarathustra by Sohrab Moobed

The Magi From Zoroaster to the "Three Wise Men"


Zoroastrian Information
by Sohrab Moobed

Zoroastrian association of Victoria Inc.

Zoroastrian Association of Western Australia Inc.

Zoroastrian Volunteers For Students Abroad

Research & Development Center

As Is World of Zoroastrianism


Zoroastrian Religion 

Bazgasht-e Bozorg, convert to Zoroastrianism
Learn and convert to Zoroastrianism, Zartoshti shavim va dobareh Iran va Din-e Behi ra farazmand konim. Bazgashtetan khojaste baad.
Send Free Online Greetings from

The official web site for Zoroastrian Center in Washington DC.



Cyber Koorosh
Many links to places of interest

Farhad Mistry's Home Page

Arnaz F. Framji

Prof. Farrokh Mistree

Real Estate

Inner Peace, Joy, Freedom


Cultural / Historical

Cyrus the Great
The award winning site about Cyrus the Great, the Persian Emperor.

Parsi Cuisine
with numerous recipes.


Appadana Temple
Ancient pictures of the Persian Empire.

Zoroastrian Association of Western Australia Inc.
Zoroastrian Association of Western Australia Inc., is a non-profit association whose main objective is to increase the awareness of the Zoroastrian religion among the Zoroastrian community of Western Australia.

Persian Dot Com
Persian mega site dedicated to Iranian communities

The most comprehensive and brief information about Iran, nothing but Iran


Yazd Homepage

Limbuwala Family Tree (Genealogy)

Willkommen bei

ALvand and  ALborz's web site

Ancient Iranian Culture

Darius III Codomannus

To inspie and motivate Humanity to discover the Voice which is the sound of breath manifested outwardly. Musical Films Hafez, Molavi Rumi, Khayyam, Baba Taher, Walt Whitman, Forugh Farokhzad, Sohrab Sepehri, Sadi, Siavash GhomayshiFahimeh Amouzandeh

historical documents as ebook and more in kurdish,englis,german and turkish

brief overview of Azadan journal dealing with ancient Iranian history, culture and Zoroastrian religion



Mazda Publishers
Publishers of books on Zoroastrianism and Iran.

We put you on the Internet, you will have smile on your face.



project,chat,educate,free email,music,software,link,hack,هک و چت و ایمیل رایگان و آموزش و نرم افزار و لینک و موسیقی

Abbas Xero
The Official Homepage Of Xero Abbas Chat, Mp3, Gallery, Lyrik, Album, and many more ..

Iranian Horse 

Iran Animation 

Greetings!!! Parsis, Fellow Zoroastrians. - A site featuring services like games, matrimonials, egreetings, downloadable wallpapers, chat.

Kurdish World
Kurdish Web Directory

اداره راه و ترابری استان اصفهان

enjoy seeing

ahura bags
eco friendly bags




Assist to settle new migrants and visitors in Auckland

Cultural / Historical

we want to show the true face of islam .... and say : thay are wild.

Zarathushtra / Zoroaster in 4 languages
Zoroastrian Information

Teacings of Zarathushtra are explained in 4 languages. The site provides a discussion forum in German.

Zoroastrian Information

Zoroastrian Information

Cultural / Historical

enjoy yourself

Philosophia Nomen Nominandum
Cultural / Historical

-also sprach philosophie-

Armin Zoroastrian Terms
Zoroastrian Information

For those who wish to know more about the Zoroastrian mysticism.


A Tribute Band Dedicated to the illustrious Music of 'Freddie Mercury' ( Aka; Farokh Bulsar ) Front man for Rock Band Queen.

Zoroastrian Information

سايتي فرهنگي در رابطه با دين زرتشتي و تاريخ ايران باستان ، معرفي فرزانگان زرتشتي ، خبر ادبيات ، هنر و آرشيو كاملي از مقالات

Cultural / Historical

enjoy seeing


A Zoroastrian-themed gift shop with unique gift items at affordable prices.

European Centre for Zoroastrian Studies
Zoroastrian Information

داستانهاي خيلي خيلي كوتاه

very short story

Amordad : Zoroastrians Forum
Zoroastrian Information

Amordad : An Iranian weekly cultural bi weekly newspaper - Zoroastrian newspaper - Zoroastrians Forum

PersianMirror - Modern Magazine
Cultural / Historical

Contains culture, history, and new articles on Iranian history, art, religion, and much much more. You can list your site or events with us for free too!

Babak and Friends - A First Norooz

Norooz Children's Cartoon for all to enjoy. Film is in English and Farsi and available on DVD - featuring famous actors! check out the site and buy your DVD today.

Pars Times
Cultural / Historical

Provides comprehensive information pertaining to Iran and the Middle East. Includes news, reference documents and satellite images.

Spenta University

Online Zoroastrian course



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