Zarathushtra - (Zoroaster)




 and Abbreviations:



Symbols and Abbreviations:

Y Yasna.
Y 28.1 Yasna chapter 28, verse 1.
Y 28.1-3 Yasna chapter 28, verse 1 through 3.
Y 28.1, 6 Yasna chapter 28, verse 1 and 6.
Y 28.1ff Yasna chapter 28, verse 1 and following verses.
(    ) Parentheses in a quotation appear in the original quotation.
[    ] Square brackets in a quotation indicate insertion added by the Editor.
...... a string of dots in a quotation indicates that the editor has deleted some words from the original. Often a verse contains many strands of thought. Deleting from a quotation, strands of thought other than the one under discussion, is done to provide a better focus on the strand of thought under discussion.


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