Thou art the same from age to age, Ahura Mazda



Changeless art thou, Ahura Mazda, the same now and for ever. Thou art the transcendent being moving all yet moved by none. Thou alone dost remain changeless and unaffected in the midst of the manifold changes. Everything all around waxes to wane, grows to decay, is born to die and everywhere is witnessed the ever-changing phenomena. Thou alone art never changing, O immutable Lord.

After the day the night, after the spring the summer, after the storm the calm, after health the sickness, after prosperity the adversity, after youth the old age, after life the death.

Name and fame, greatness and glory, shine but a While and fade; castles and palaces, turrets and towers raise their heads to heaven to totter and topple; thrones and empires glory in their rise, but to fall to dust forgotten.

Changeless amid changes, art thou. Unmoved mover of all art thou. The same from age to age art thou, the same to endless time art thou, the same for ever and aye shalt thou be, O immovable Ahura Mazda.


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