Thou art Ageless, Ahura Mazda



Thou art the beginning and thou art the end of all, Ahura Mazda. Thou hadst no beginning and thou shalt know no end. Long, long ages ago, ere creation came into being through thy creative will, thou didst live in sublime solitude. When Yazatas were not, and Amesha Spentas were not and the Fravashis existed as the contents of thy divine mind, when heaven was not, and earth was not, when waters and plants were unknown, and animals and men were unheard of, thou alone wert, O thou above and beyond time.

The age of the earths and suns and moons and stars and planets on earth and of angels and archangels in heaven can be counted. Thou alone art ageless. In vain does man dream of measuring thy age. Human thought cannot reach it. Thou alone can comprehend it.

At the dawn of creation, there was rejoicing and happiness in thy divine household, for it was the birthday, the first of all birthdays, human or divine, of Vohu Manah, the first in thy creation. The angels and archangels above and men and women below, have ever since made their birthdays auspicious occasions for thanksgiving and joy. Thou art the only being who has no birthday, for there is no day of thy birth, O Giver of universal births.

Thine is Zrvan Akarana, the Boundless Time the hungerless and thirstless, ageless and deathless. Thine alone is eternity and neither the Yazatas nor the Amesha Spentas share it with thee. Born in time, they will live everlastingly. Man, born in time, has to die his bodily death before he too will live for ever.

Boundless is the ocean of eternity, bounded neither by shore nor horizon. Righteous in life and righteous in death, I long for the grand and glorious day when, breaking the mooring of the earthly life, my immortal soul will embark upon the exhilarating voyage on the waters of thy Boundless Time, Ahura Mazda.


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