The Path of Righteousness



The Path of Asha is the Path of Righteousness. One alone is the path, it is the Path of Righteousness. All other paths are non-paths, says he who is Zarathushtra. Thou dost dwell in the straightest paths, Ahura Mazda, that lead to the paradise of the righteous.

Right is the Path of Righteousness. Wrong is the Path of Wickedness. The one leads to heaven, to hell the other. The Path of Righteousness leads to the life of eternal felicity, deviation from it spells soul's destruction for all time. It is left to man to chose whether he will walk the one and be saved or the other and be lost.

Rough and rugged is the path of life. It is best with difficulties and troubles. Temptation draws man away from the right path and waylays him in the wilderness of wrong. He is lost in the labyrinths of wickedness and is at a loss to find his way of the maze.

Protect me, Ahura Mazda, from being beguiled and led astray through tempting pitfalls and alluring snares of Angra Mainyu, the Evil Spirit. Guide me to thread my way through the by-ways of obscurity and obstacles to the straight and safe Path of Righteousness. Give me firm resolve and strong will, that with sustained efforts I can tread successfully the Path of Righteousness in the footsteps of Zarathushtra and reach the final goal, Garonmana, the abode of the righteous.


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