Righteousness is the rule of life



Righteousness is the norm that measures the worth of man. When righteousness alights upon a serf he grows greater in worth than his master, if the master is stranger to righteousness. Greatness glories not and knowledge shines not, where righteousness dwells not. When prince and peasant are comrades upon earth in the practice of righteousness, as comrades again after death they enter the shining Garonmana and are ranked as equals in the divine court of the King of Kings of heaven and earth.

Righteousness is the prize open alike to be won by all who may. It is equally in the power of all to make it their own. Righteousness shines in rags in the cottage of the poor and shames the raiments of royalty in the palace, if righteousness dwell not there.

He is not great who is not great in righteousness. He is not rich who is not rich in righteousness. He is not healthy who is not healthy in righteousness. He is not heroic who is not heroic in righteousness. The best man and the greatest man and the noblest man is the righteous man.

Ahura Mazda, thou art the righteous Lord of righteousness. Bless me in thy goodness, with good thoughts of the mind and good words of the tongue and good deeds of the hands, that I may think righteousness, speak righteousness, work righteousness, and be a righteous one in the world of righteousness.


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