Our communal characteristics



Our racial heritage, our temperamental endowment, and vicissitudes of time have built our communal characteristics, Ahura Mazda.

We take life cheerfully and strive to make the most of it. We are full of life and gay of disposition. We are boisterous and obtrusive, talkative and vivacious, amiable and jovial, lively and impulsive, virile and industrious, loud of laughter and given to light pleasantry, rich in humor and romantic by nature, mercurial of temperament and matter-of-fact people, with little of poetry and much less of philosophy about us.

We are hospitable and generous and kindly and sympathetic to the sufferings of our neighbors. We are free with, our purse and liberal of hand. We are generous and benevolent. Freely do we give vast sums for philanthropic purposes. The virtue of charity, preached by Zarathushtra, has been built into the tissues of every individual's being. We are eager to throw ourselves in the affray of others to assuage their wrongs and sufferings.

Help us to preserve Ahura Mazda, what strengthens and elevates our morale and to eliminate that which weakens and lowers it. Truth and probity, hard and industrious life, ardor of enterprise, and thirst for adventure, hopefulness and helpfulness were the characteristics that made our ancestors great. Inspire us with the zeal to emulate them and to work for the glory of our dear community.


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