Decay of morals brings dissolution of society



Zarathushtra inculcates the simplicity of life and our early ancestors were brought up in simple habits of life. They lived a frugal, contented, and a happy life.

When they became conquerors of vast territories and built the mightiest empires of their days, the influx of riches from conquered countries bred in them lassitude, a love of ease and an aptitude for enjoyment and luxury. A life of self-indulgence, unbridled luxury and indolence deprived the virile classes of their former virility. The people could not escape the contagion of the luxury and vice of nobility. They emulated court luxuries and abandoned themselves to unbridled indulgence which rendered them effeminate. The love of simplicity was replaced by a feverish worship of pleasure. Social disintegration, moral laxity, and disunion plunged the country into a chronic state of civil war and sapped the vitals of the mighty empire. Decay of morals usually brings dissolution of society and they contributed, in the main, to the downfall of the great Achaemenian and Sassanian empires of Zoroastrian Iran.

Catastrophic tragedy overtook our ancestors at Nihavand and Qadisiya and we lost the kingdom and country we had called our own for long. Time's rough hands handled us roughly. It makes our flesh creep and blood curdle in our veins to remember the hardships that followed. Thou wert our shield in the days of our troubles and our only stay and strength, Ahura Mazda. Thou didst enable us to outlive our trials and tribulations.

Teach us to be wise through the lessons of our history. Help us to learn from the failures of our forefathers. Thou dost know our weaknesses. Let not our small community be torn with factions. Teach us to live as comrades all, in willing fellowship and loving fraternity, in brotherly helpfulness and cooperation. Inspire us to live in mutual understanding and trust and peace.

Into thy hands, Ahura Mazda, we commit ourselves. Let thy guiding hand lead our lives. May the life of thy Spenta Mainyu, Holy Spirit, surge within the hearts of the young and old of our dear community and express itself in our communal virtue.


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