Homage Unto Ahura Mazda

Dastur Dr. M. N. Dhalla
M.A, Ph.D. (Columbia), USA

Table of Contents

Part I (c)


  1. Decay of morals brings dissolution of society
  2. Vice is a canker that eats into the vitals of life
  3. Truth is the supremest virtue
  4. Demoralizing dole
  5. Chastity is the complement of womanly virtues
  6. Contented with what I have, but discontented with what I am
  7. Let me not run into debt
  8. Teach me to practise economy in my expenses
  9. Straight and smooth is the path of honesty
  10. Happiness unto him who gives happiness unto others
  11. Humility sheds lustre on greatness
  12. Life is rich in simplicity
  13. Let none nurse intolerance
  14. Teach me elegance and sweetness of manners, Ahura Mazda
  15. Scandal is a heinous sin, says Zarathushtra
  16. Poverty protected by virtue
  17. Wealth is a mirage
  18. Man alone thinks and thoughts make man
  19. Credulity thinks not, reasons not, but believes
  20. Superstition is based on baseless fear
  21. Prepared to face death
  22. Death the harvester
  23. Console the disconsolate, Ahura Mazda
  24. Give me a painless death, Ahura Mazda
  25. The Tower of Silence
  26. The belief in immortality
  27. Daena, conscience escorts the soul to the world of the dead
  28. Joyous welcome awaits the righteous in heaven
  29. War is mass insanity
  30. The priceless boon of peace
  31. The Spring
  32. Jamshid-i-Nauruz
  33. Life glides on the joyous wings of Hope
  34. Ashirvad sanctifies the union of two Hearts
  35. Bless our king, Ahura Mazda


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