Man alone thinks and thoughts make man



Marvelous is the power of thought. Thinking is as natural to man as breathing. Thought has lifted man above the level of the animal world. It has raised him from the savage to the civilized state in life. Man's thought rules the world. The power to think is man's most precious right and his proudest privilege.

Thought is the seed of speech and action. When the seed is sound and strong, it germinates and sprouts and blossoms in the harvest of fine words and deeds.

Man learns by seeing and hearing and reading the book of nature and studying human nature, but he learns the best by thinking. What he has pondered and thought over fills his mind and enriches it with lasting knowledge.

He lives best who thinks best. Let me then think for myself and let me never think through others. I may have my work done by others for me, but let me never get my thinking done for me by others. Let me think and think well and think deep, let me always think.

Let me be a man of learning, but let me also be a thinker of original thoughts and creative thoughts. Let reason mould and regulate and control my thinking. Give me a thinking habit and give me clear thinking, before I venture upon bold thinking and profound thinking, Ahura Mazda.

Let me think good thoughts and great thoughts and noble thoughts and gentle thoughts and beautiful thoughts and virtuous thoughts, and let them all build my character.

Vohu Manah is thy Good Thought, Ahura Mazda. Let him nurture my mind with his good thoughts. Let good thoughts alone ripen into words and deeds and let evil thoughts of Aka Manah wither and perish. Let righteous thoughts and devotional thoughts be my constant companions. Let my pious thoughts, concentrated on thee, be my silent daily prayer, Ahura Mazda.


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