Straight and smooth is the path of honesty



Honesty that comes out unscathed from the fiery ordeal of temptation is like unto gold that is purified by fire. Honesty has nothing to hide from others. It does not labor to seem what it is not. It does not practice dissimulation. It moves with a frank mind and an open heart. It walks erect, with head uplifted. It looks straight in the face with courage. It shines in its simplicity. It is the strongest armor that shields one who dons it against the ills of life.

Life would be easy and happy, if men and women were mutually honest.

A true Zoroastrian is the man of honesty. He speaks and does what he thinks, no more, no less. He means what he says. His word has the value of a bond. He creates confidence in those with whom he deals and everyone relies upon his word. Universally trusted in life, he, the honest man, is respected wherever he goes. He is a safe friend, an agreeable companion, and a trustworthy partner. True to man, he is true to thee Ahura Mazda.

Honesty is everything in the life of an individual, and so it is in the life of a people. The Persians of yore were noted for their probity. Let me, their dutiful descendant, be like unto them. The fire of the Yazata Atar, burning in the household hearth, is grieved when food earned by dishonest means is cooked upon it. Let me eat my daily bread ever by my honest work. Give me honest intention in all I do and lead me to practice honesty all my life. Honesty is a lovable virtue at all seasons of life. Help me, Ahura Mazda, to be honest in the bright days of my prosperity, as in the dark days of adversity, if ever it assails me. No title is so honorable to its holder, as to be acclaimed honest by all. May I be worthy of this enviable distinction in my life. O, Thou most honored on earth as in heaven.


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