Contented with what I have,
but discontented with what I am



A contented thought is best for man, preaches Zarathushtra. Life needs not many things to be happy. Contentment makes life happy, because it is satisfied with but few things.

To desire and not to have the desire fulfilled, to want and not to have the want satisfied, bring unhappiness. Contentment desires not and wants not and therefore it is happy. Whoso desires more and even more, knows no contentment and is always unhappy.

A contented mind is at peace with itself. Contentment is happy in its belief that it has what it wants and cheerfully enjoys what little it has. Contentment gives satisfaction, joy, and happiness to man. Contentment has enough to make life happy and therefore it asks not for more. Contentment gives independence and self-sufficiency and self-reliance.

The poor who are contented with what little they have, are happy. The rich covet more and still more, and with contentment not their possession, they are unhappy in the midst of their abundance. Impregnable is the fortress of contentment.

Contentment is a virtue as it enables man to bear with the hardships of life. It ceases to be so, when man passively reconciles himself to squalor and starvation, when he should strive to fight them; to feel resignation, where he should revolt; to suffer meekly, where he should struggle valiantly; to submit passively to social injustice and inequity where he should take courage in both hands and fight against them to redeem himself. Discontent with undesirable condition goads man to effort and exertion to better his lot. Discontent accelerates human progress.

Let not discontent press heavily upon my heart and make my life miserable. Let contentment be my wealth. With a contented mind and a contented heart, I will be at peace with the world. With contentment within me, I will patiently work during the day, and the day's duty done, peacefully will I sink upon the pillow at night and soundly will I sleep till dawn. Let me not, however, be content to remain where I am and what I am. Help me to strive and endeavor my utmost to rise above my position in life and better my prospects, Ahura Mazda.


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