Chastity is the complement of womanly virtues



Ahura Mazda's Good Spirit, Spenta Mainyu, moulds and makes many a new human being a day in his heavenly workshop. The sublimest specimen of his workmanship is the woman of chastity. A chaste woman is the noblest and the most ideal woman, the queen of the world's womankind.

Great in the nobility and pride of race, is the community where chastity abounds. Chastity is the best armor of womanhood. Chastity and modesty are the most precious ear-rings that a woman can wear.

Chastity is more delicate than the most delicate plant that grows upon earth. It cannot bear and survive the slightest touch of a lustful hand. Inviolate chastity is the treasure of woman. Loss of chastity is the loss of womanhood. One lapse of chastity spells its ruin for all time. Once lost, it is ever lost. The smallest speck on the whiteness of chastity spoils it for ever.

May there be born unto our families daughters as chaste and pure and modest and graceful as the most chaste daughters of Mashyoi, the first woman, that have ever lived upon the seven zones of the earth. May they be as chaste as jasmine. May their souls be as pure and white as snow. May thy Ashi Vanghuhi, the guardian of womanly virtues and sanctity of matrimony, guide and guard and protect our women with loving care, Ahura Mazda. May she ever be the honored and loved guest in the abodes of the Mazdayasnians.


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