Life is rich in simplicity



In the midst of the direst need and want, there is a surfeit of the gaiety and frivolity of the dazzling life of society, the glare and glamour of rich dresses and priceless jewelry and ostentatious parade of the gorgeous finery. Many a hungry mouth can be fed from the leavings of the sumptuous tables of the rich and many a naked body can be clothed from the superfluous frillings and trimmings of their fine raiments that serve for the costly display.

Vain and shallow, showy and pretentious is the barbaric display of pomp and position. Real greatness lies in the pure and simple life. Upright simplicity outshines, in true luster, vulgar ostentation. In his simplicity, man attains to greatness by the virtues of his heart. Life wears sublime majesty in the nobility and innocence of its simplicity.

Let me not practice affectation to seem great. Let me not labor to seem what I am not. Let not people take me for what I truly am not. Let me seem what I am and let the world take me for what I am in my honest simplicity.

Good and great ones of all ages and climes have lived their great lives in simplicity. Help me, O God, to emulate them. Let me dine on frugal meals and let me don simple clothes. Help me to observe austere simplicity in my habits, simplicity of heart, and simplicity of character. Let me love simplicity in all things and let me always live in dignified simplicity, Ahura Mazda.


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