Zarathushtra - (Zoroaster)





The Gathas Preface




The Gathas, or the Holy Songs of Zarathushtra, were translated by me into Persian about 20 years ago. They were in two big volumes of 500 to 600 pages each, and difficult to make a copy available to all Zoroastrians. To alleviate that, a few years back, I made available a book of 108 pages containing the 17 chapters of the Gathas in a fluent and easy to understand Persian language.

This presents book contains that simplified Persian translation [not available in the electronic version] as well the English translation for the same. It is hoped that through this book, my co-religionists as well as all persons who are inclined to gain some knowledge of our prophet Zoroaster and his high and valuable teachings, achieve that knowledge.

With best wishes of the author for all the readers of this book and with the hope that I would have the opportunity of serving my Zoroastrian brothers and sisters somehow in future as well, even though insignificant, I remain,


Mobed Firouz Azargoshasb
August 22, 1980


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