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The Gathas



The Gathas, which are the divine songs of Zarathushtra, comprise a very short selection of poems, which are the only remaining communications attributed directly to Zarathushtra.

Scholars use a number of ways, including linguistics, phonetics, as well as poetical and mystical compositions to translate these poems, and effectively communicate the message of Zarathushtra..


The following is a suggestive list of books (in no particular order) which are translations or interpretations of the Gathas:

  1. Translations of Gathas, the holy songs of Zarathushtra, Mobed Firouz Azargoshasb
  2. The divine songs of Zarathushtra, Dinshaw J. Irani
  3. The Gathas - The Hymns of Zarathushtra, Dinshaw J. Irani
  4. The Hymns of Zarathushtra, Jacques Duchesne-Guillemin, translated from French by Mrs. M. Hemming
  5. The divine songs of Zarathushtra, Irach J.S. Taraporewala
  6. The Gathas of Zarathushtra, Irach J.S. Taraporewala
  7. The Teachings of Zarathushtra (The Prophet of Iran on How to Think and Succeed in Life), T. R. Sethna
  8. The Gathas, our guide, Ali A. Jafarey
  9. The Gathas, Our Guide - In Persian - by Ali A. Jafarey 
  10. The Gathas of Zarathushtra, Stanley Insler
  11. The Gathas of Zarathushtra, In English Verse, Dr. Jimmy Nadershaw Sidhva
  12. The Gathas of Asho Zarathushtra, Pallan R. Ichaporia
  13. The Ahunavaiti Gatha (the first Gatha), Mobed Fariborz Shahzadi
  14. Let us Pray with Zarathushtra, Mina & Nowzer Mehta
  15. Thus Spake the Real Zarathushtra, Shahriar Shahriari
  16. The Zoroastrian tradition, An introduction to the ancient wisdom of Zarathushtra, Farhang Mehr.


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