Thou art the creator of all, Ahura Mazda



Creation is the free act of thy divine goodness, Ahura Mazda. When nothing was, thou alone didst live in thy sublime self-sufficiency. Thou art the father of the Amesha Spentas and the Yazatas, and the Fravashis are thine.

Thou didst clothe the heavenly realms with light and thou didst create the earth and waters and the plants and the animals and men. Thou didst determine the course of the sun and the moon and the stars and the seasons. Thou dost uphold the earth and the firmament from falling. Thou dost make the moon wax and wane and the tides to ebb and flow. Thou dost yoke swiftness to wind and clouds. Thou hast created the corporeal world and the spiritual, O Creator of all that breathes and breathes not.

Thou didst create man and breathe life in his body. Thou hast endowed him with the power of thinking and the freedom of will. Man, thou hast said, is the greatest and the best in thy creation, the redeemer of the world of imperfection with thy guidance and thy help.

Thou art the father and lord of creation and with unfailing and undivided care and protection thou dost look after the welfare of us all with the tender care of a loving father. Homage and adoration, praise and glorification be unto thee, O Heavenly Father.


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