Homage Unto Ahura Mazda

Dastur Dr. M. N. Dhalla
M.A, Ph.D. (Columbia), USA

Table of Contents

Part I (a)


  1. Thou art all in all to me, Ahura Mazda
  2. Thy name is above all names, Ahura Mazda
  3. Thou art the creator of all, Ahura Mazd
  4. Thou art our nearest and dearest, Ahura Mazda
  5. Thou art all-good, Ahura Mazda
  6. Though invisible thyself, thou art all-seeing, Ahura Mazda
  7. Thou art light. Ahura Mazda
  8. Thou art the same from age to age, Ahura Mazda
  9. Thou art Ageless, Ahura Mazda
  10. Thy will is the pole star of my life, Ahura Mazda
  11. My heart longs for thee, Ahura Mazda
  12. I offer thee my life, Ahura Mazda
  13. Thou dost bury me under the burden of thy gifts Ahura Mazda
  14. The Amesha Spentas
  15. The Yazatas
  16. Sraosha, the ever-watchful guardian
  17. Sraosha in life, Sraosha in death
  18. The Fravashis watch our course with vigilance
  19. The Birth of Zarathushtra
  20. Temptation of Zarathushtra
  21. Zarathushtra is the Lord of Mankind
  22. The passing away of Zarathushtra
  23. Fire is the symbol of Ahura Mazda
  24. May the Fire burn forever in my house, Ahura Mazda
  25. The Inner Light
  26. Asha's Universal Order in the Universe
  27. The Path of Righteousness
  28. Righteousness is the rule of life
  29. Righteousness is Religion
  30. Righteousness exemplified the best in Zarathushtra
  31. Righteousness is its own reward
  32. Righteousness is the highest riches
  33. The coming of the Kingdom of Righteousness
  34. Prayer is the heavenward soaring of the soul on wordy wings
  35. Teach me to pray, Ahura Mazda


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