Homage Unto Ahura Mazda

Dastur Dr. M. N. Dhalla
M.A, Ph.D. (Columbia), USA

Table of Contents

Part I (b)


  1. The Family Prayer
  2. Prayer for the Dead
  3. Life is thy greatest gift, Ahura Mazda
  4. Life is a blend of contradictions
  5. Life is Service
  6. Life is Pleasure
  7. Life is duty
  8. The cynic rails at life
  9. The cynic at war with the world
  10. Life is hard and honest work
  11. Great is the dignity of work
  12. I glory in activity, Ahura Mazda
  13. Let me not lack will, O Mazda
  14. Progress is the Zoroastrian watchword
  15. Let me rise early with bright Ushah's dawn
  16. Give us the sleep of the innocent
  17. Bushyansta, the slothful
  18. Man eats to live, he lives not to eat
  19. Agriculture is man's noblest profession
  20. May Tishtrya's rain bring fruition to our fields
  21. Give me bodily health, I pray
  22. Our community
  23. Our communal characteristics
  24. Our culture is exotic
  25. Time is life
  26. Today is my own, perchance tomorrow may never come
  27. Faith works wonders
  28. Forlorn is life without faith in thee, Ahura Mazda
  29. Youth is the spring of life
  30. Give me a peaceful old age
  31. The torments of a guilty conscience
  32. The will to sin is sin
  33. Create in me the penitent spirit, Ahura Mazda
  34. I pray for forgiveness on my knees
  35. Who loses character, he loses all


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