Great is the dignity of work



It is never below the dignity of any one to work by his own hands, Ahura Mazda. There is no shame to put one's hand at the plough, there is no shame to set one's shoulder to the wheel, there is no shame to dig a trench, there is no shame to work as a cook or a servant or a maid or to do any menial work. But there is shame indeed where a stout hand of an able-bodied man or woman is outstretched to accept a dole in the face of the remunerative work waiting for all who may work.

It is humiliating to slumber in sloth and repose and rest, when there is time to work and to toil. It is loss of manhood and womanhood to eat one's bread not earned by one's honest work. Sweeter is the simple bread won by the sweat of one's brow, than the rich bread bestowed upon one by the hand of charity.

Teach me, Ahura Mazda, never to shirk my daily work. Let me not grudge and groan in the face of hard work waiting for me, but enthuse me to do it willingly and whole-heartedly.

The work of the industrious and enterprising of my good co-religionists often supports the idlers and sluggards along with the disabled and the needy. May it never be my misfortune to be one of them, my merciful God. Inspire me to value my independence and self-respect and to strive for their preservation in the midst of my poverty and want, Ahura Mazda.


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