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In the story of King Zohak
With the devil he made a pact
Devil gave him rule over land
Instead devil had one demand:
That when devil brought about this
Zohak's shoulders devil would kiss;
Zohak was glad to be the king
Unaware of devil's sting,
Zohak installed upon the throne
From devil's kiss two snakes had grown
Startled Zohak in deep fear
Of the snakes which were so near;
The devil assured Zohak to not strain
"Daily feed each snake with a young brain
Else each starving snake
Yours with their own life will take.
If this, my advice you heed
Your rule here will succeed."

The story goes for a thousand years
Zohak's evil rule, that land bears;
Each snake fed daily with a brain
Soul of the nation slowly drain
Until one day a blacksmith said
"Our problem is Zohak is the head;
What we must do instead of groan
Is pull Zohak down from his throne."
His leather apron made into a flag
People followed this tattered rag.
The gates of palace of King Zohak
Opened to people in this attack;
Zohak brought down from his throne
Into a distant cave was thrown
Next day the snakes attacked the king
Devoured his brain, the end thus bring.
The blacksmith was hailed as the king
People in the streets began to sing
Of a new era of love and goodness
An era when no evil would transgress.
Justice and peace restored to land
Under the blacksmith king's command.

This is the mythic fight of old
Good versus evil, replayed untold.
Greed for riches, power to hold
Man to the devil, his soul thus sold.
Evil carried within the mind
Devouring snakes to shoulders bind.
Preying upon others' brains
Rationality simply drains,
Eating brains will leave behind
Ruthless machine without a mind
May rule a day or a thousand years
Goodness sooner or later dares
To one day say enough is enough
This evil is nought but a bluff
To put a stop to evil rule
A decision, its only tool
But it will not attack bad with bad
For evil means, is just as sad.
It will banish evil in bind
Evil will devour its own kind,
For that which takes can only grow so big
Run out of supplies, its own grave dig,
Left with no option but to attack
Its own body, like king Zohak.

This is history, modern and old
Attila, Napoleon, Hitler, all souls sold.
In their power, they grew so big
Under their own weight snapped like a twig
And their evil upon itself turned
Mighty empires with one spark burned.
They are dirt and dust just like Zohak
History remembers their evil pact.
In this world against evil attack,
With our good mind nothing we lack.
With loving goodness, leave evil behind
It will devour its own evil mind.

Shahriar Shahriari
Vancouver, Canada
July 20, 1997


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