Zarathushtra - (Zoroaster)






Thus Spake Zarathushtra


Zarathushtra the Sage
Of that ancient age

Said Righteousness is the best
Just forget the rest.

Sing Ashem Vohu
This I say to you,

Righteousness is Bliss
That is all that is.

But be Right and Good,
That is all you would,

Not for the rewards,
Small and large awards,

But for goodness' sake,
Then you will awake.

All else will follow,
Reward and bliss will flow.

Pray Yatha Ahu
Embody it too,

Model after God
Does it seem that odd?

You are God's creatures
Divine and Good features

Zarathushtra your teacher
You become his preacher.

Choose to serve God's will
You are sure to feel

Power, Love divine
God earth, you the vine

In light and love grow
Wholeheartedly know

Serve the one in need
Shelter, clothe and feed

Are sure to succeed
If thus you proceed.

Zarathushtra thus spake
Taught us, helped us wake,

God's divine emanations
Are what form the nations

On earth and heaven too
And this Zarathushtra knew.

God uses the Good Mind
Creates and makes bind

First is the perfect plan
This is how God began

Then the operating Law
The software called Asha

God then got to action
To God's satisfaction

With perfect faith and love
In, out, beneath, above,

Thus God made perfection
Smiled at God's creation

For it was deathless too
Immortally it grew.

And we are all God's creatures
We possess the same features

Like God thus we must act
And this is divine fact.

But we also have choice
To express and voice

What we think is best
For us and the rest.

Best ear listen, hear
Best mind think clear

Before a choice you make
For consequence can break

Ignorance causes evil
God knows there's no devil.

So my friend, companion
Heed Zarathushtra's opinion

What we sow, we shall reap
In small or endless heap

So choose to renew the world
By Zarathushtra we are told,

Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds
In this life perfection breeds.

In this world heaven, hell
Our choices fountain, swell

The next, union divine
Can be yours and mine

So let's choose God's plan
Let's begin where God began.

Shahriar Shahriari
March 1997,
Vancouver, Canada.


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