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"Thus Spake the Real Zarathushtra" makes it evident that Zoroastrianism contains the seeds of the `new paradigm'-more clearly than any of the Western religions.... It's a gem!

the late Dr. Willis W. Harman
Institute of Noetic Sciences

.... educational, humorous, and uplifting. It has found an important place in my library.

John Randolph Price
Best selling Author of "The Superbeings"

This book is to Zoroastrianism as `A Course in Miracles' is to Christianity.

Meher D. Amalsad
Speaker, Author

You present some valuable insights not grasped, nor even sought, by standard expositions of Zarathushtra. The varied perspectives you introduce make this book valuable to the novice as well as those familiar with Zarathushtra's thought; they certainly provide fresh aspects for reflection. Indeed there are places where I feel you have contacted some of the deeper aspects of Zarathushtra's thought.

Prof. Kaikhosrov D. Irani
Emeritus Professor of Philosophy
City University of New York

Really in tune to my life and philosophy, from engulfing the concept of God and man being one, the environment, the relationship with one's self. I was captivated by the easiness and the understandability of the reading. You have truly outdone your self.

I do believe this type of book is what our generation needs, and I thank you for taking the time to write it!

Mazda Antia
Youngest Zoroastrian Priest in North America
Chicago, IL

Awesome..... It has broken paradigms in religious information.

Mobed Fariborz Shahzadi
Author, Vice President Council of Iranian Mobeds
Mission Viejo, CA

I think this book is a "must read" for the whole Zoroastrian community, and the ideas and concepts would be of interest to a wider audience, those interested in philosophy and spiritual enlightenment.

Dara Behroozi, M.D.
Director of B.C. Medical Association
Campbell River, Canada

A down to earth conversational format that reveals the Unity of all life with insight, clarity and humor. Shahriar's novel style has a strong impact on the reader, as the mystery of life is clarified!

Fern Smith B.Ed.
Religious Science Practitioner
Vancouver, Canada

You have communicated the profound simplicity of the higher teachings, which all of the religions have been unable or unwilling to do.... I have no doubt that many will be attracted to the book, and will reap great rewards for paying attention to it.

Patricia Silk
TV Producer
Vancouver, Canada

WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL, Shahriar. Thank you for writing this. The first paragraph grabs my attention, and I feel it just gets better as I go along...... this is clearly the work of an excellent writer and may be channeled???

Frances Allden
Self development trainer, Educator
Vancouver, Canada

I really enjoyed the variety of concrete examples you provided to make the words come to life, for instance the homeless woman, the 2-D object in 3-D space, the Internet and the ocean. ..... As a final point I must say how much I liked the continuity of your work.... GREAT WORK!

Trity Pourbahrami
College student
Vancouver Canada

It was like coming home. You have put into words everything that I have always believed, and it's so good to find someone to whom you can say, "That's exactly it!".

Farishta Dinshaw
Karachi, Pakistan

it truly captures Zarathushtra's timeless message!! ... It gives us the glimpse of humanity's hidden potential..

Jasmine L. Patel
Research Coordinator
John Hopkins School of Public Health
Baltimore, MD

I really enjoyed your book.

Arnaz J. Marker
Reiki Master
St. Petersburg, FL  USA


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