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The Z Factor - Editorial Note




"The Z Factor, Life's Diving Lessons" presents the spiritual wisdom of Zarathushtra in the form of a modem fable. It is the story of a young man who lives an ordinary life, in an ordinary setting, with dreams and aspirations that everyone can relate to. It approaches the timeless message of Zarathushtra as seeds, and plants them in the mind of the young man. The story then follows a short period in the life of this young man as he goes through various stages of nurturing and growth, until the seeds reach full fruition. The Z Factor guides the reader to relate to the philosophical teachings by weaving each teaching into a driving lesson.

FEZANA recommends "The Z Factor, Life's Driving Lessons" as a teaching aid for religious education. There are 10 chapters in the book. The main principle dealt within each chapter is in the title of the chapter. It is recommended that, after the students read through each chapter, a teacher lead the group in discussion that would direct the students to recognize the principles embedded in each chapter. The book does not mention Zarathushtra by name Only at the end of the book, there is a brief guide, "The Teachings", to help the teacher or the individual readers to recognize the teachings of Zarathushtra as they are demonstrated in the book.

The book is recommended for children in middle school and older. The book is best used after the students have been formally introduced to Zarathushti concepts such as the amesha spentas; freedom of choice; duality and the idea of evil; and the role of human beings in creation and frashokereti. If used in a classroom setting, it is estimated that about 10 hours of discussion would be required to cover the book.

Adults will enjoy reading the book on their own or reading to their children.

The feedback of the teachers and students of this book will be most welcome.

Lovji Cama 
Tenafly, New Jersey 
FEZANA Education Committee



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