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Shared Vision Magazine
October 1996, Vancouver Canada

This easy-to-read story walks the reader through the philosophy of Zoroastrianism-an ancient religion, the principles of which are explained in a series of conversations between the narrator and philosopher/mystic Zarathushtra. The discussion illuminates such points as the six Emanations as they progress from the plan produced by the Creative Mind, to the Law, which explains how the plan is to be carried out, to the Actions which fulfill it and lead to Love, thence to Perfection and ultimately Immortality. It is very human, and very achievable, when described this way. For example, perfection is in the quality of progress, not in its completion.

There are questions, answers and explanations by both Zarathushtra and the narrator so it isn't just a theological monologue. It reads like a conversation between two intelligent and well-informed people, although one is more knowledgeable than the other.

While abstractions can be confusing, the book focuses on basic principles, depicting ways of traveling along life's path in today's world. "Thus Spake the Real Zarathushtra" concentrates on the positive and the practical. Thinking "in terms of possibilities, not limitations," and not getting "so stuck on methodology that you lose sight of the purpose," are just two illustrations.

The central premise of Zoroastrianism is the conflict between good and evil, and that is also addressed in a positive way. People are not themselves evil, for example, and evil is not powerful in itself; it is the absence of good, just as darkness is the absence of light. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Shahriar has succeeded in writing a book that educates, enlightens and stimulates the interest of the reader.



FEZANA Journal
Publication of the Federation of Zoroastrian Associations of North America
Fall 1996 - Sunnyvale CA

Unique and different. In an original and creative style, the author meets the ancient eastern Master and Prophet, Zarathushtra, who appears out of nowhere. During the ensuing few days, the two meet time and again, share various adventures and take part in a few extraordinary experiences, while discussing various teachings of Zarathushtra.

In their conversations, they discuss God, humankind, good and evil, our purpose in life, and the existence and relevance of spiritual dimensions. They even talk about such abstract notions as heaven and hell, and continuity of the soul after death.

The author has a gift for explaining very complex spiritual teachings in simple terms. The reader will actually understand the universal concepts in a rare and refreshing manner.

Shahriari, who is the founder-owner of a Management Consulting firm, Transformations Unlimited, believes that "techniques now preached by motivational experts, whether it is Robbins preaching action, or Covey urging us to think about our values before we act, or Napoleon Hill talking about the power of our thoughts, are straight out of the Gathas, a modern packaging of our own old teachings."

"It is time we look deeply into our own teachings and values, and put them into practice" he says, "It is time to realize that history has come a full circle back to what Zarathushtra preached so many millennia ago."

These sentiments were also echoed by Dr. Harman, President of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, who said: "Thus Spake the Real Zarathushtra makes it evident that Zoroastrianism contains the seeds of the `new paradigm'-more clearly than any of the Western religions. It's a gem!"

And with that conviction, was born this expression of the message of Zarathushtra in an eminently gripping and readable format. It will be a valuable addition to any library.



New Horizons
Science of Mind Center, Vancouver
Nov./Dec. 1996 - Vancouver, Canada

This book is about the philosophy of Zarathushtra who lived a few thousand years ago. The teachings of this great master bear resemblance to many of the great spiritual masters of the past and present time. There are many similarities to that of the New Thought Movement.... Presented in the form of fiction, the philosophy of the great master is filled with such great wisdom and masterly insights. It is packed with humor and amusing anecdotes.


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