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Ahunuvaiti Gatha

Yasna 30


Verse 1:

Now, to those eager for truth and wise persons I shall speak about the two phenomenon (1) and shall explain the way of praying Mazda Ahura and praising Vohuman, the good thoughts. I shall explain the sacred lore of Asha, the truth, as well, so that ye may attain perfection and thereby realize the light of truth and enjoy the blessing of paradise.


Verse 2:

Listen with your ears the highest truth, consider them with illumined minds carefully and decide each man and woman personally between the two paths, good and evil. Before ushering in of the great day, or the day of judgment, arise all of you and try to spread Ahura's words (Zarathushtra's message).


Verse 3:

The twain spirits which appeared in the world of thought in the beginning were good and evil in thoughts, words and deeds. The wise will choose rightly (of the said two thoughts), but the unwise shall not do so and shall go astray.


Verse 4:

When these two spirits reached together life and not life (2) were created. The followers of untruth and wicked persons shall face the worst mental situation but the followers of truth and righteous persons shall enjoy the best mental state or mental comfort. This situation shall continue for eternity.


Verse 5:

Of these twin spirits, the false ones did choose the worst deeds but the holiest spirit, the one having pure mind and being clothed with the imperishable light of knowledge chose the truth. The person who performs meritorious deeds with full faith for pleasing Mazda Ahura shall choose the truth was well.


Verse 6:

The followers of Daeva (or Devil worshippers) did not choose the right path, because they were in doubt and were deceived. Hence, they did not choose the right path but followed the worst thought, the devil or anger, which is the cause of all evil deeds, so as to destroy the mental life of the people.


Verse 7:

One who is gifted with spiritual strength, good thought, truthfulness and purity, the Armaiti or love and faith shall grant him firmness and stability of body. Such a person shall, no doubt, be successful in the life's ordeal and shall be regarded, O my Lord, as Thy good servant.


Verse 8:

When sinners receive punishments of their sins, O Mazda Ahura, they will then realize Thy power through Vohuman, good thought. They will learn this truth as to how they should strive for casting away falsehood and untruth, and aiding the victory of truth and purity.


Verse 9:

May we be sincere servants of Thee like those who make the world renewed O, Lord of Life and Creation. May we enjoy Thy help through Asha, so that whenever our minds waiver in doubt, our hearts and thoughts may turn one pointed to Thee.


Verse 10:

When false ones face failure and destruction then the inmost desires of those famed for their good names shall be fulfilled, and they shall enjoy the blessings of Vohuman and Asha and Mazda's shining abode or paradise shall be their lot.


Verse 11:

If ye, O Mortals, realize and understand the laws of happiness and pain ordained by Mazda; and if you learn that liars and wicked persons shall face age long punishment but pious and righteous ones shall enjoy ever-lasting prosperity, then you shall reach real contentment and salvation, by learning this principle.


(1) The two spirits are Spentas and Angra Mino or the two opposite powers, good and evil; positive and negative or creative and destructive thoughts.

(2) Not life does not mean death, but it is a sort of living full of fraud, lie, corruption, evil character and a life which cannot be called a true living. The life which seems rather like death than living. Not life is therefore a living not at all beneficial to the community at large.


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