Zarathushtra - (Zoroaster)



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Spentamad Gatha

Yasna 47


Verse 1:

One who is led by Thy Holy Spirit and Thy love, his thought, word and deed are good and in tune with truth. He shall be granted perfection and eternity by Mazda Ahura through his strength and love.


Verse 2:

One who led by Thy Holy Spirit lives the best life, his words shall be full of love and wisdom, and his hands shall fulfill the task of Armaiti through faith. His life shall be guided by one single thought that only Mazda is the source of truth.


Verse 3:

Thou art indeed, O my Lord, the Holy Father of Wisdom. Thou hast created this joy-bringing Mother Earth. When people go towards Vohuman and consult with him Thou shalt grant them peace, O Mazda; and Armaiti or faith shall be the protector.


Verse 4:

The wicked persons, O Mazda, who turn away from Thy Holy Spirit, they feel themselves ever-thwarted, but no truthful man shall ever act like that. The truthful person, though of small possessions and poor should be loved and respected, but followers of untruth, though of great possessions and power should be despised and regarded as wicked.


Verse 5:

The righteous shall enjoy, O Ahura Mazda, the best gifts promised by Thee, through Thy Holy Spirit. However, the false ones shall remain afar from Thy love, since their evil deeds proceed from their evil minds which darkens with black clouds of wickedness their bright sky of soul.


Verse 6:

O Lord of Life and Wisdom, through Thy Holy Spirit and Thy blazing Fire Thou shalt determine the fate of the two parties of righteous and wicked; and grant their respective recompense and penalty. By advancement of Thy fire of faith, truth and purity, O my Lord, the seekers of truth shall come to Thy Path.


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