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Ahunuvaiti Gatha

Yasna 34


Verse 1:

Through good deeds and words and deep meditation O, Mazda, whereby the people will attain eternal life, righteousness, spiritual strength and perfection, I will dedicate them all to Thee, O Ahura, as a gift.


Verse 2:

The pure-minded and righteous man, O Lord, whose soul is in accord with truth, thinks of Thee alone and dedicates his good actions to Thee. May we approach Thee, O Ahura Mazda, praising Thee and singing Thy songs.


Verse 3:

Whatever is due, O Lord of Life, to Thee and to Asha, the symbol of truth and righteousness, we will pay with humble adoration. May all that live in Thy serene domain enjoy perfection through pure mind. The wise and clear-minded man, O Mazda, enjoys always the spiritual strength and bliss complete.


Verse 4:

We yearn for Thy mighty light which is shining through truth, O Lord of Life. The shining blaze which is eternal and powerful. The light which guides the followers of truth clearly and helps them. It is the same shining flame, O Lord of Wisdom, which reveals the hidden evil in the hearts of infidels at a glance.


Verse 5:

How great is Thy power O Lord, deeply do I yearn to serve the humanity, O Mazda, with good deeds. I wish to be one with Thee through truth, pure mind, helping the poor and needy and protecting Thy meek devotees. We regard Thee, O Lord, far above all, apart from Daevas and wicked persons.


Verse 6:

Since in truth Thou art above all, O Mazda and Asha, I hope you would give me your helping hands through all changes of my earthly life, so that I may pray to Thee with sincere heart and return to Thee ultimately.


Verse 7:

Where are Thy faithful devotees, O Mazda, who being aware of Thy worthy teachings, through Vohuman, will not leave Thee when faced with trouble and distress, but will use those teachings with intellect and will try to spread Thy message. No other individual, except Thee, do I recognize, O my Lord. Therefore, I wish Thee alone to be my shelter and helper through Asha.


Verse 8:

In truth, the liars would threaten us with their evil actions, since they would bring with themselves death and destruction upon people. The strong ones will always bring oppression upon the meeker ones. They do not care for Thy Sacred Law, i.e. the Law of Asha, O Mazda, because they always remain at a distance with truth, and Vohuman remains far from them. (1)


Verse 9:

Those who through doing evil and being unaware of Vohuman scorn Spenta Armaiti, (2) O Mazda, which is highly esteemed by the sages and wise men; the truth shall obviously remain far from them just as the evil ones with satanic cravings will remain far from us.


Verse 10:

The sages, being aware that love and faith towards God are actual sources of truth, shall teach those who have gone astray and evil persons the way to train their minds with good thoughts, perform good actions and love others. Ultimately, all wicked persons, by learning the truth, shall come towards Thee, O Mazda Ahura.


Verse 11:

The two gifts of perfection and eternity, O my Lord, shall lead the people to spiritual and inner light. Through will power, pure thought, love and faith towards God, the standing life and spiritual strength shall increase. Through these qualifications, O Lord of wisdom, one can overcome his enemies.


Verse 12:

What is Thy rule for progress and what is Thy Will? How should we praise and worship Thee? Declare them to me clearly, O Mazda, so that by following Thy instructions we may enjoy the rewards promised. Teach us, O my Lord, the path of good thought and self-realization.


Verse 13:

The path, O Ahura, which Thou hast shown me is the path of Vohuman, the path based on the teachings of Saoshyants, the saviors. The teaching which recommends that the work performed with the view of performing one's duty honestly shall bring forth happiness. The teaching which leads mankind to real knowledge and wisdom, and reaching Thee O Mazda, is its rewards.


Verse 14:

Those persons would enjoy that previous reward which has been promised. O Mazda, who perform actions through knowledge and pure thought; who attempt for the progress and development of the world; fulfill the God's desire and try for the progress of God's Will through truth and righteousness.


Verse 15:

Teach me, O Mazda, the best words and noblest deeds, so that through this teaching I may worship Thee with a clear mind and a pure heart. Through your power, O Ahura, make it such that I may enjoy a new life full of truth.


(1) Vohuman remains far means that wise and good minded persons are always escaping from liars.

(2) Love, self-sacrifice, faith and humility are qualifications of Armaiti.


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