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Spentamad Gatha

Yasna 50


Verse 1:

From whom, would my soul enjoy any help, after my death? Who shall protect me and my friends and followers when in distress? O Lord of life and Wisdom, none but Thine Asha and Vohuman, symbols of Truth and pure thought, would solve my difficulty, when invoked sincerely.


Verse 2:

One who always thinks of his own safety and profit, how can he love the joy-bringing Mother Earth? The righteous man that follows Asha's Law shall dwell in regions radiant with Thy Sun, the abode where wise ones dwell.


Verse 3:

O Mazda, one whose guide in life is the spiritual strength of Khashathra and Vohuman shall surely reach Asha, the Source of Truth. Also, one who helps the progress and uplift of this world dominated by false ones shall receive the blessings of Asha, through the Lord's gifts.


Verse 4:

O Ahura, by chanting praises, I would worship Thee together with Asha, Vohuman and Khashathra as well. I aspirant, will stand upon the path of Truth and catch the nodes which Thy lovers sing from Thy Abode on high.


Verse 5:

O, Lord of Life and Wisdom, and O Asha, pour down blessings upon Thy Singer and Prophet in the shade of help and love, enabling him to guide us upwards to Thy Light and Eternal happiness.


Verse 6:

O, Great Ahura, Zarathushtra, the lover of Asha, praise Thee loudly and anticipates that the Lord may always grant him eloquence of speech guided by wisdom. May the Creator teach and inspire me with the guiding principles of love through Vohuman.


Verse 7:

O, the Guardian of freedom and worthy of praise, O Lord of Life and Wisdom, I shall gain entrance to Thy Abode with praise and shall join Thee through Truth and Pure Thought. Do guide me, O my Lord, and held me in my tasks.


Verse 8:

O, Mazda Ahura, with chance that well up from my inmost heart, and with hands uplifted, I beseech Thee, O Mazda, and wish to approach Thee, as a faithful and humble friend, through truth and purity and wonder working wisdom of Vohuman.


Verse 9:

O, Lord of Wisdom and Lord of Truth, I shall return to Thee, chanting these holy hymns by deeds performed through wisdom and pure mind. Being well aware of my destiny I eagerly yearn to attain Thy Wisdom which is ancient and supreme.


Verse 10:

The deeds which I have performed during the days gone by and those that would be performed in future, may they all seem worthy in Thy sight. The shining of the sun and shimmering dawn of the days all reflect Thy Glory in accord with Asha, O Mazda Ahura.


Verse 11:

I would consider myself to be your praiser, O Mazda, and as long as I possess the will and strength I shall tread the path of truth and shall be the praiser of Thee. May the Creator of the world fulfill the best wishes of the righteous people which is progress and reform of the world.


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