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Ahunuvaiti Gatha

Yasna 28


At the commencement of the Ahunuvaiti Gatha we read as follows:

Holy Zarathushtra's entire thoughts, words and deeds our inspirations from Ahura Mazda, the Creator, leading mankind to perfection and bliss. Do welcome this Amesha Spentas (Holy Immortals) and the holy Gathas (heavenly songs of Zarathushtra) and have faith in them.

I praise thee with reverence O, Holy Gathas.


Verse 1:

I pray to Thee, O Mazda, with uplifted hands, and to thy Holy Spirit, first of all and hope that through truths and righteousness I would enjoy the light of wisdom and a clean conscience, thus bringing solace to the Soul of (Mother Earth) Creation.


Verse 2:

I shall, verily, approach and succeed in seeing Thee, O Mazda Ahura (Lord of Wisdom and Creator of Life) through pure mind and enlightened heart. O, Creator, do grant me in both worlds, corporeal as well as spiritual, the recompense which can be achieved only through truthfulness and would make happy the faithful ones.


Verse 3:

O, Mazda, O, Asha and Vohuman, (symbols of truth, purity, good thought and love towards humanity) I shall now sing songs which have not so far been heard by anyone.

I hope that through Asha, Vohuman and ever-lasting Khashathra (symbols of strength and will of the Almighty), the faith and self-sacrifice would increase in our hearts.

O, Almighty God, please accept our wishes, come at our call and grant us bliss.


Verse 4:

I shall lead my soul towards heaven by pure thought, and being well aware of the blessings which the Almighty, Ahura, shall pour down upon good deeds, I shall teach the people to strive for truth and follow righteousness.


Verse 5:

O, Asha, the symbol of truthfulness and purity, when shall I see thee? O, Vohuman, the symbol of good thought, shall I be able to recognize Thee through heavenly knowledge and true wisdom? Would I be able to approach the Wise and Mighty Lord of Life by obeying Sraosha, the voice of Conscience. May I be able to guide those who have gone astray towards the highest path, i.e. the path of truth and monotheism, through sacred words and eloquence of speech.


Verse 6:

O, Lord, come towards us through Vohuman and Asha (pure thought and truth) according to Thy sacred words and grant us long enduring life. O, wise Ahura, grant Zarathushtra and his friends the spiritual strength and joy, so that they may overcome the hatred of their enemies.


Verse 7:

Grant us, O Asha, the blessings which flow from pure thought. Grant, O, Armaiti, Vistaspas every wish and my followers as well O Mazda, Lord of Wisdom, grant your devoted adherents strength, so that your holy teachings may be taught to the world at large.


Verse 8:

O, Lord of Life, of one-accord with Asha and Highest of All, I pray to Thee yearningly to bestow paradise upon Frashaoshtra and my friends and those endowed with pure mind as well, through all eternity.


Verse 9:

O, Ahura Mazda, I constantly strive to offer you my sincere songs of praise and shall never provoke Asha and Vohuman, symbols of righteousness and purity of mind, since I know that Asha, Vohuman and mighty Khashathra are worthy of praise.


Verse 10:

O, Mazda Ahura (Lord of wisdom and Life) fulfill the desires of those whom you know to be upright and enlightened, because of their purity of mind and truthfulness. I believe that no prayers offered devotedly to Thee by sincere persons with high and noble objectives shall remain unanswered on your part.


Verse 11:

Through those prayers may I enjoy their gifts of Asha and Vohuman (truth and purity of mind). Do Thou, O Mazda, Ahura, instruct me Thyself through Thy spirit and knowledge whence did the creation came into being first, so that I may proclaim it to the world.


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