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Vohukhashatr Gatha

Yasna 51


Verse 1:

Khashathra, the strength divine, is the most precious gift which drops like gentle rain upon our earth, urging the inner selves of those who dedicate their lives through Asha for the service of mankind. O Mazda, paradise is gained by good deeds. Therefore, I shall always try to fulfill good actions.


Verse 2:

First of all, O Mazda Ahura, to Thee and Asha, symbols of truth and purity, I dedicate my good deeds and then to Thee, O Armaiti, the symbol of faith and pure love. Teach me the strength of Thy will, O my Lord, and grant salvation which Vohuman brings to Thy faithful worshipper.


Verse 3:

Listen to the words of those, O Ahura, who with good work, true word and pure thought wish to join Thee. Of those persons to whom Thou hast been the First Teacher, inspiring them, O Mazda.


Verse 4:

Where doth Thy all embracing Love reside? Whence doth Thy compassion flow upon Thy faithful worshipper? Where shall we find Asha, the Truth. Where shall we find Thy Holy Armaiti, Love and Faith? Where dwelleth Thy most loving Vohuman, and where doth Thy strength of Sovereignty and Lordship, O Mazda, doth emanate?


Verse 5:

These questions are made by an humble and righteous leader, who wants to acquire a deep and good knowledge and to show the people that path of progress which is in tune with Asha. A leader, who like a just and powerful judge, may teach the truth through wisdom and bring blessings.


Verse 6:

The Lord of Life and Wisdom shall grant a reward, which would be far better than good, to a person who fulfills His wishes and helps the creation on its upward march. However, the person who does not fulfill His Wishes and does not strive for Mother Earth's progress, shall meet his retribution at the end, on the Day of Resurrection.


Verse 7:

O, Thou Creator of Our Mother Earth, the Water and the Plants, O Mazda, grant me Eternal Perfection, through Thy most Holy Spirit. Do grant me strength and stability, O my Lord, and reveal to me the Lord's teachings through Vohuman.


Verse 8:

I shall reveal, O Mazda, to the wise people Thy Heavenly Message, so that they may know what evil fate awaits the liars and wicked persons; and how the followers of truth and beneficent ones would enjoy happiness. That man alone shall enjoy contentment and happiness, who would expound Thy heavenly message to them.


Verse 9:

Both parties, O Mazda, i.e. the followers of Truth and false shall be put to test by Thy Blazing Divine Fire and this fiery test shall lay bare the fate of each group, indicating Thy Award. Completes frustration shall be the share of the false ones, but the followers of truth shall reap Thy blessings.


Verse 10:

The man who strives to lead the world astray and away from the path of truth, O Mazda, such a person is offspring of the poor-understanding and realm of the wicked ones. I invoke Asha for myself and my people, and hope he would come towards us with is loveful blessings.


Verse 11:

Who is that faithful friend, O Mazda, who would help Spitama Zarathushtra? He is the one who is enamored of love and is in search of Asha. He is with faith and an adherent of the Assembly of Brotherhood, devoted to Vohuman. He dedicates his life to the progress of the Assembly of Magians (1).


Verse 12:

The dupes of the False Ones, the Kavis, shall never convince Spitama Zarathushtra, during their lives, despite the fact that there are persons who with attempt, perseverance and fervent zeal can reach perfection and salvation.


Verse 13:

The followers of untruth distort the thoughts of seekers of truth indeed, and make their faith shaky, but over the Judgment-Bridge and on the day of resurrection their souls shall rebuke them openly for their bad deeds and words, and for their deviation from truth.


Verse 14:

Karapans or False Priests never show regard to Divine Laws and instructions. They try to lead to destruction the world through their false teachings and evil deeds; and ultimately, they themselves shall also go to hell, or the abode of untruth, as a result of their own false teachings.


Verse 15:

The reward which Zoroaster has promised the Magians and all the followers of this religion is Garo-Nemana or the House of Songs and Praise, the Paradise. This abode has been the House on High from Eternity, where Ahura Mazda dwells. This reward which is a divine blessing and can only be attained by pure thought and truth, I promise to you.


Verse 16:

Kavi Vishtaspa attained the reward through the spiritual strength of the Brotherhood and through the Chants of Love inspired by the Vohuman. The Wisdom, he got through Asha decreed by the Wise and Holy Ahura, the Wisdom which leads us to happiness and salvation.


Verse 17:

Frashaoshtra Hvogva dedicated his precious Self, the dearest thing, to serve the holy cause of Mazda's Faith. May the Almighty Ahura Mazda grant unto him the yearning of his soul, enabling him to attain Asha and realize the truth.


Verse 18:

The wise Jamaspa of Hvogva family yearning for the light of truth have chosen for himself the Divine Wisdom through Asha and attained to the spiritual strength through Vohuman. Grant us, O Ahura, those blessings that we may ever cling to Thee, O Mazda.


Verse 19:

Maidyo Mah of the Spitama clan is the man who dedicated his life to the advancement of Mazda's Faith with full understanding. He is the person, who strives to realize the spiritual life in its true sense and to teach the world the Laws of Mazda by his deeds and service to humanity.


Verse 20:

Of one mind and one will ye all, O Amesha Spentas (2) grant us your good gifts; teach us the Laws of Truth and good thought, so that love and divine faith may grow in our hearts. We worship Thee, O my Lord, with adoration and love, and yearn to attain the Eternal Bliss of Mazda.


Verse 21:

The devotee of Armaiti is ever pure and is thoughts, words, deeds, and inner self promotes the spread of truth. Through Vohuman and control of self, Ahura Mazda shall grant us His blessings (3). O, my Lord, for all these glorious blessings, I do pray to Thee and yearn for the said blessings.


Verse 22:

That man, who performs all his actions as an act of worship through Asha's Law, is deemed as the best by Mazda Ahura. Those who have been in the past and who are such at present, I shall, with reverence, recall them by name, and shall try to reach their high position by righteous deeds.


(1) Assembly of Magians or Assembly of Brotherhood was formed by persons who had full faith in Zoroaster's teachings and hardly strived for the improvement of the world, under his leadership. Its important members where Vishtaspa, Frashaoshtra, Jamaspa and Maidyo-Mah.

(2) The words of one mind and one will always mean Amesha Spentas and in this Verse also it conveys the same meaning in absence of the word of Amesha Spentas.

(3) Ahura's blessings are peace of mind and conscience; enlightenment of heart, will power, freedom from want of material wealth and enjoyment from contentment and eternal happiness.


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