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Spentamad Gatha

Yasna 48


Verse 1:

Ultimately, on the day when truth conquers untruth, and when devils and their partners are unveiled of deceit and fraud forever, then Thy praise and devotion to Thee, O Ahura, shall increase, resulting in happiness and joy.


Verse 2:

Before the struggle in my mind begins, tell me, O Ahura and assure me whether the righteous person shall overcome the follower of untruth? Such is Thy Plan, no doubt, which is the final and great victory in life.


Verse 3:

The wise Lord of Life and source of goodness shall teach the wise and the righteous ones the best teachings, of which the mystic lover and teachers of philosophy are aware. Through wisdom and pure thought only, O Mazda, one can become Thy devotee.


Verse 4:

One who makes his mind better or worse, O Mazda, his deed, word and conscience shall follow sure. The path selected by one's voluntary choice, his will and faith shall also follow the same and shall be in tune with them. According to Thy wisdom, O Mazda, their destiny shall be distinct from each other.


Verse 5:

O Armaiti, do not allow the tyrants and that rulers rule over us, but let the good and just kings, guided by wisdom and good and clear understanding rule over us. Dedication to purity is best for man since his birth. We should toil for the Mother Earth and progress of the world, leading all the creatures on to the Light and the Truth.


Verse 6:

She, Armaiti, is indeed our safe refuge. She brings the soul strength and life renewed, the true qualifications of the pure mind. Mazda Ahura has clothed Her, the Mother Earth, with vegetation, and has covered Her with food for people, since the dawn of life. Such is the wisdom of Mazda and the Eternal Law of Asha.


Verse 7:

Keep hatred and anger far away from yourselves. Let nothing tempt you to violence. Hold on to love and good mind. Brilliant teachers, who wish to hold fast on to truth, shall lead the followers of truth to paradise, Thy abode, O Ahura, where the righteous people dwell .


Verse 8:

My yearnings, O Mazda, is for Khashathra, Thy spiritual power, yet more, I yearn for the blessings from Thee, O Ahura, for my followers and band of devotees. How greatly welcome shall be Thy manifestation to the faithful followers of Asha through truth, enabling them to help the promotion of good deeds through Vohuman.


Verse 9:

How shall I know, O Mazda, that Ye rule over all, even over those who menace me. Reveal to me, O Asha the pattern of Vohuman and Thy love. Inform me of the way of enjoying Thy blessings, since a Saoshyants or a prophet should be well aware of the compensation allotted to him.


Verse 10:

When shall my friends arrives for spreading the faith, O Mazda? When shall they smite down the rotting mass of lie and greed from the world? The means by which the wicked Karapans (priests) falsely fascinate the people and the tyrant rulers rule over countries with evil intentions.


Verse 11:

When, O Mazda, Asha together with love and faith towards God shall come towards us, bringing peace and security with themselves, through self-control? When blood thirsty and wicked tyrants rush, who shall stand firm against them, and to whom shall come the Wisdom of Vohuman?


Verse 12:

The Saoshyants and Saviors of the world are indeed wise and follow duty's call guided by Vohuman. There deeds are inspired by Asha and on in tune with Thy teachings, O Mazda. They are, in truth, vanquishers of hate and anger and producers of love and peace.


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