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Ahunuvaiti Gatha

Yasna 33


Verse 1:

In accord with the everlasting Law of Asha or Truth, which forms fundamentals of life, everyone should act, because Ratu or Spiritual Leader shall judge over the followers of truth and untruth with strictest justice conscientiously and shall weigh carefully their board and evil actions.


Verse 2:

One who fights wicked man by thought, word, deeds and his arms to frustrate their evil plan and/or guide them towards the path of truth, he surely fulfills the Lord's own Will out of his love for Mazda Ahura.


Verse 3:

One who acts with love and justice, O Ahura, with righteous people whether self-reliant, co-worker or friend, and one who fosters zealously the good creation of God, he shall truly enjoy the realm of Asha and Vohuman, i.e. the paradise.


Verse 4:

I pray to Thee, O Lord of Wisdom, and wish that want of faith and evil intention may remain away from Thy flock. Also, I wish that perverse thought and obstinacy may be kept away from the self-reliant; deceit and enmity from the near relatives; slanderers and blamers from friends; and the wicked and deceitful leaders from the world.


Verse 5:

Therefore to reach my final goal, I shall invoke Sraosha, the greatest of the helpers and hope to enjoy the long continued existence and reach the Domain of Vohuman (1). Through the help of truth and purity, and passing the path of Asha, I hope to reach the heavenly domain where Mazda Ahura ruleth supreme.


Verse 6:

As a true worshippers with a firm faith in Asha I shall praise Thy Holy Spirit, and shall ask Thy loving grace to grant me the power of guidance, enabling me to fulfill Thy wish O, Lord of Life and Wisdom, I desire a vision of Thee and communion with Thee as a friend.


Verse 7:

Come unto me, O Ye, the best, and Lord of Wisdom, and reveal Thyself to me, so that my words may be heard not only by the Society of Magians, (Society of Brotherhood), but by others as well. O, my Lord (Mazda) reveal to us and make us aware of our clear duties and the reverence due to Thee.


Verse 8:

Show me clearly, O Lord, my final goal and whole purpose, so that I may fulfill through Vohuman (pure thought) and pursue my devotion to Mazda. Please accept my words of praise, inspired by truth and a pure heart and grant me perfection and immortality.


Verse 9:

These two great powers, O Mazda, which are promoters of righteousness are Thine and can be achieved only through wisdom and divine lights. May we attain the blessings of these two mighty and equal powers through Vohuman.


Verse 10:

All the comforts and enjoyments of life which have been in the past and which may come in future, O Mazda are Thine. Please grant them to us out of Thy Grace and Kindness. O, my Lord, through Vohuman and righteousness raise our souls unto Thy Realm of Light and Eternal Joy.


Verse 11:

O, Ahura Mazda, The Almighty, listen unto me along with Thy Armaiti, the symbol of faith and self-sacrificing, Asha or truth which blesseth life and Vohuman, the symbol of spiritual power. Hearken unto me, have pity on me on the day when each one is apportioned the reward which is due to each, and do not deny your compassion on me.


Verse 12:

Unfold Thyself to me, O Ahura, the Lord of Life, and grant me strength of soul and self-sacrifice. Through Thy best Spirit, O, Mazda, grant me Thy reward of goodness for my prayer. Through truth and purity let me enjoy the great inner strength, and through Vohuman or pure thought grant me the power to lead mankind.


Verse 13:

To enjoy happiness and joy, O, far-seeing Lord, reveal unto me Thy priceless gifts. O, Ahura, grant me those blessings which flow through Khashathra, Thy heavenly and spiritual power, and through Vohuman, Thy Pure Mind and Love to humanity.

O, holy Armaiti, the symbol of love, patience and faith towards God, make us realize our inner selves through truth.


Verse 14:

To Thee, O Mazda, doth Zarathushtra dedicate his own self together with his loving thought as a worthless gifts. He offers to Asha his whole strength, his best words and deeds as will by obeying the Lord's commands.


(1) Paradise.


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