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Ushtavad Gatha

Yasna 45


Verse 1:

All Ye, who have come from near and far, to learn, I shall now speak to you, give ears to me and listen to these clear truths which I teach. Remember well and bear in mind lest the evil teacher destroy the people's life once again and the followers of untruth lead them astray with wrong teachings.


Verse 2:

I shall now speak about the twin spirits which have existed since the creation's dawn. Of the two spirits thus did the Holy one spoke to his twin, the evil one; between us two, neither thoughts, nor teachings, neither will, nor beliefs, neither words, nor inner selves accord, and they are quite separate from each other.


Verse 3:

And now I will disclose the highest truth of the life, as I have learnt from the All Wise Ahura. Those who do not follow the holy words of Mazda as taught by me, for them the end of life shall be woe.


Verse 4:

I shall now explain the supreme goal of life, the truth which I have realized through Asha. The laws of life have been ordained by Mazda, the wise and unique, the Lord which is the source of good and active mind, and whose kind daughters are faith and love. The Lord of Life, the Omnipotent who is aware of everything cannot be deceived.


Verse 5:

And now I shall speak of the words which have been revealed to me by His Lord, the words which are the best to be heard and obeyed by the mortals. Those who obey these teachings truly in their hearts, shall enjoy the gifts of perfection and immortality. Good mind shall lead them on to proper and loving deeds, and they shall ultimately see Ahura Mazda and reach the real light.


Verse 6:

I shall now speak of the one who is the greatest of all. I shall praise the wise Lord and His Rays through truth and purity, and hope that Ahura may, through his Holy Spirit hear our prayers. May we reach Him through pure mind, love and faith. May the Lord through His Wisdom guide me onwards to the highest, or the Real Light.


Verse 7:

All are seeking redemption from Him, whether those who are alive, or those who are dead, and those who shall be born in future. The righteous soul shall triumph and shall gain life everlasting, but the follower of untruth and the sinner shall suffer pain ever renewed. This law has been laid down by Mazda Ahura through His own power.


Verse 8:

As I have seen Ahura Mazda with my inner sight, I shall strives to draw His attention towards myself with songs of praise; and since I have realized through good thought, word and deed; and through honesty and integrity as well, that Ahura Mazda is Lord of Life and Wisdom, and sole Creator of the World, I shall, therefore, offer Him my sincere praise with full devotion.


Verse 9:

I seek favor of my Lord and Vohuman, the good mind, since by His Plan and Will both weal and woe are created for us. May the Wise Lord of Life grant us through His Might the strength to serve, enabling us to advance the people towards truth through the deep wisdom of a loving mind.


Verse 10:

Through devotion and pure faith we should exalted him, the one who through His graciousness is known as Lord of Wisdom and Life and Creator of both the worlds. The Creator who, through His Eternal Law, Perfect Mind and Sovereignty, has promised perfection and eternity to the people of the world and has made them hopeful of enjoying strength of body and continuity of soul.


Verse 11:

Those who oppose the Daevas and their followers; and also those who use the name of His Lord respectfully and pay reverence to wise Saoshyants, the true helpers of the religion, Mazda Ahura shall treat with them as sincere friends and kind brothers and fathers. Their path is quite separate from those who despise the Almighty Ahura and call him with disgust.


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