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Vahestuesh Gatha

Yasna 53


Verse 1:

Every wish of the prophet Zarathushtra Spitama have been fulfilled in the best possible manner and Ahura Mazda, the Lord of Life and Wisdom, has granted him the best blessings, i.e. a happy, prosperous and holy life through all Eternity. Even those who have opposed him have learnt to pay him reverence and follow the good religion in every word and action.


Verse 2:

So, let all strive with thought, word and deed to satisfy Mazda. Let each one choose to perform good deeds as his worship. Kavi Vishtaspa, the faithful devotee of Zoroaster together with Maidyo-Mah and Frashaoshtra are treading the path of Truth and have chosen the Faith inspired and revealed by the Saoshyant (1), or the Savior of Mankind, taught by Ahura.


Verse 3:

O, Pouro-Chista (2) of Spitama's House and of Haichatspa's Family; O, the youngest offspring of Zoroaster; Mazda Ahura has bestowed upon you as husband and Lord, the person who has deep attachment to Vohuman and Truth. Therefore, consult with your inner self and wisdom, and act through Armaiti, i.e. pure love and intuition.


Verse 4:

I shall love the person who has been appointed as the Father and Master of Relatives and Tokhshagaran, and shall accept him as my husband. May I be a righteous, noble and deserving wife, and may I enjoy a life enriched by Vohuman. May Mazda Ahura grant me the blessings of enjoying the wise teachings of the good faith for all the ages.


Verse 5:

These words I speak to you, maidens, and newly wed husbands, and hope you will bear them in your minds carefully. Understand them deep within your souls and live always full of love with pure mind. Try to surpass each other in truth and righteousness. Thus each one of you shall, indeed, reap the reward of joy and happiness.


Verse 6:

Hear and give heed to these truths, O, men and women. Strive to avoid the lures of this material life and stop the progress of untruth and deceit. Tear away your attachment with untruth and know that the happiness achieved by untruth and woeful end of others shall bring forth nothing else, but pain and woe. Wicked persons and despisers of truth, who look forward to the destruction of righteous people, actually pervert their spiritual lives and prevent the peace of their inner souls.


Verse 7:

When you come within our Brotherhood, and as long as love and faithfulness exists in the hearts of you two young pairs (wife and husband), whether you strive for this live or the next, you shall reap the best rewards. However, should you leave this Brotherhood and be deluded by the spirit of untruth, then grief and woe shall be your final words.


Verse 8:

The evil doers and wicked ones, indeed, shall finally be deceived and stung by men's ridicule, chiding themselves. May men and women helped by good leaders and just kings enjoy peace and rest in their own clans and villages. May deceit and tribulation which drag down mankind to destruction disappear from this world. May the Almighty God, who is the Greatest of All, come to our help, as soon as possible.


Verse 9:

The evil believers and evil-minded persons hate the good and pure people. They look down upon respectable persons. They are slaves of desire and despisers of righteous ones, despite their struggle with their inner-selves. Who is that Righteous Lord, who shall oppose the wicked persons with all his life force. O, Mazda, it is only Thy Spiritual Strength, or Thy Khashathra who can bring strength to the righteous meek, (3) help them and bestow upon them the best reward.


(1) Saoshyant refers to Zoroaster himself.

(2) Pouro-Chista, the daughter of Zoroaster.

(3) Righteous meek are persons who are materially poor, but spiritually powerful and rich.


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