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Ahunuvaiti Gatha

Yasna 29


Verse 1:

Unto you, O Creator, the Soul of Mother Earth complained thus: Wherefore did you create me? Who gave life to me? Anger, rapine, outrage, blunder, aggression and violence are everywhere. There is no protector for me, except Thee. Therefore, reveal to me a savior who could show me a way out of this difficulty.


Verse 2:

Thereupon, the Creator of Mother Earth, asked Asha, who shall be Thy savior for the people of the world, so that we may be able to offer her, besides protection, fostering zeal as well.

Whom do you desire O Asha to appoint as their Lord and Guide, so as to repel the army of evil and misguided persons and keep at abeyance the wrath and annoyance.


Verse 3:

Thus made Asha reply to Ahura Mazda! The leader to be selected for people of the world should be neither unjust nor cruel, but a very kind non-inimical person. It is true that I do not recognize such a person amongst people of the world who could protect the righteous against this wicked ones. Nevertheless, I am certain that he should be the strongest of mortals unto whose call we may respond with haste.


Verse 4:

Undoubtedly, Ahura Mazda is best aware of the actions performed by the daeva worshippers and their hosts in the past and of the functions which shall be performed by them in future. Since the judgment of such actions shall be made by Ahura Mazda alone, we are, therefore, satisfied with His Wishes whatever they may be.


Verse 5:

The soul of creation and I, both with uplifted hands and full respect praise Ahura Mazda and appeal to Him to prevent harm from righteous and good people and their leader and to safeguard them from the attack of wicked persons and enemies.


Verse 6:

Thereupon Ahura Mazda, enlivening life's wed with His Wisdom, spoke thus: Is not even one capable Master nor even a single spiritual leader and Savior known by Thee who may surpass others in purity and righteousness? Was it not for this that Thou was put in charge as Shepherd and preserve of the Creation of this World?


Verse 7:

Ahura Mazda continued thus: The holy songs increasing good luck, i.e. Ahunvar, is from Ahura of-one-will with Asha. It is song for the progress of the world and prosperity of the people inspired by Mazda. After a moment's silence, Ahura Mazda continued again: O, Vohuman, whom do you think to be the Savior who can help people and save them from going astray.


Verse 8:

Ahura Mazda continued: The only one who hath listened to our commands is well known to me.

He is the holy the Zarathushtra Spitama. He is the only person who is eager to proclaim through his songs of praise the path of truthfulness. Therefore, sweetness of speech shall be granted to him.


Verse 9:

Thereupon, the Soul of Mother Earth bewailed. Should I accept the support of a feeble man and listen to his words. In fact, I desired the aids of a strong and mighty king. When shall such a person arise and bring strong-handed succor to me?


Verse 10:

O, Ahura Mazda and Asha, bestow upon them (Zarathushtra and his followers) spiritual strength and power. O, Vohuman, grant mental power, cleverness and full wisdom to Zarathushtra, so that the may lead the world to peace and rest. O, Mazda, we all recognize him as Thy noblest son and best of creation, and accept him as our best leader.


Verse 11:

The Soul of Mother Earth continues: when shall ye all, Asha, Vohuman and Khashathra bring your welcome steps to us? When shall, O Mazda, the Society of Magas, (the Magians) accept your teachings? O, Lord of Life, now that a helper has come to aid us we are also ready to serve both Thee and Thine.




(Asha, Vohuman and Khashathra are symbols of truthfulness, pure thought and wisdom; power of serving humanity and helping progress and prosperity of the world and control of passion as well. The Soul of Mother Earth claims: O, Almighty God, grant me the above-mentioned special attributes. Meanwhile, the big Magian Society means that association which is formed by Zoroaster and his sincere friends, or in other words, the foremost persons, who helped effectively in the progress and propagation of the new religion of Zoroaster).

(It should be borne in mind that this "Hath" or Chapter is shown in the form of a play, the important role of which is played by the Soul of Mother Earth, representing people of the world. Moreover, Asha, Vohuman and other Amesha Spentas and even Ahura Mazda referred to in this paragraph are the chief factors in saving humanity from cruelty and injustices reigning everywhere. After a series of questions and answers, Zoroaster is appointed as the most worthy person for carrying out the above mission and for leading the people of the world ).


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