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Ushtavad Gatha

Yasna 43


Verse 1:

Mazda Ahura, the Absolute Ruler, has specified that good fortune is for him who makes others happy. O, my Lord, to remain steadfast in truth, I want from Thee the strength of body and soul. O, Armaiti, the symbol of faith and love, do grant me that power which is the reward for a life lived with good thought.


Verse 2:

In truth, such a person (1) shall enjoy the best gifts of God. The person who desires inner light and tries to achieve it, O, Mazda, do bestow upon him the same, through Thy holy and bright wisdom. Through Asha, the Eternal Law of Truth and Purity, O my Lord, grant us wisdom and knowledge which are the gifts of Vohuman, so that we may enjoy happiness through our lengthy lives.


Verse 3:

In truth, the person who shows us the path of truth and happiness in the corporeal world and saves are soul in the spiritual one shall attain the highest good. (2) The said path is that which leads us to the real and true world, where the is Ahura. The lovers of truth and those in love with Thee, O, Mazda, shall ultimately become one with Thee through wisdom and holiness.


Verse 4:

I shall recognize, Thee, O Mazda, us powerful and divine, when our wishes are fulfilled through Thy strength; and when the followers of truth and the followers of falsehood have both received the specified compensation and punishment. When Thy light shines in my heart and gives me warmth, then my soul shall feel the strength of truth, and when pure thought or Vohuman shall come to me with full power.


Verse 5:

As divine and sacred I recognize Thee, O Mazda Ahura, when I realized Thee as the First and eternal when life began; and when Thou ordained rewards for good thoughts, words and deeds; and when Thou specified through Thy wisdom that evil shall be the lot of wicked persons and that good persons shall reap the fruit of their goodness. Thus it will continue up to the end of creation.


Verse 6:

O, Mazda, when Thy pure wisdom together with Khashathra and Vohuman come towards us, then the material world shall progress towards truth and righteousness and the angel Armaiti shall brighten the hearts of liberal men and women with the light of love and faith, guiding them towards truth. Than no one shall have the power of deceiving the Almighty God, the symbol of Wisdom and Knowledge.


Verse 7:

I recognize Thee, O Mazda Ahura, as pure and holy when good thought entered my mind and asked me, who art Thou; to which family do Thou belong? Which path would you choose when you are in doubt? The path which leads to the benefit of your brothers and relatives, or the one which is to your own benefit.


Verse 8:

I replied thus: I am Zoroaster, the staunch enemy of liars and falsehood. I shall fight against liars as long as I have strength and shall uphold truth and righteous people whole heartedly. May I enjoy Thy spiritual and endless strength, O my Lord, and may I be Thy worshipper and devotee for ever, O Mazda.


Verse 9:

I recognized Thee, O Mazda Ahura (Lord of Wisdom and Life) as pure and holy, when Vohuman came to me and the light of truth and knowledge entered my heart. Of Him (3), I asked whom do you wish to be worshipped the most? And thus I replied: "As long as I am able and have power, I shall esteem and praise Thy spiritual flame (4), O Mazda, and shall abide by Thy Law of Truth (Asha).


Verse 10:

Guide me towards truth and purity for which I have ever yearned, O, my Lord. By following Armaiti, symbol of faith and love, I hope to achieve perfection. Do thou test us, O my Lord, so that we may prove our faith. Thy testing shall give spiritual strength to human, particularly, the leaders, who are inspired by Thee, O Mazda, shall guide the people with power and heroism and shall fulfilled Thy plan.


Verse 11:

As Divine and Sacred have I recognized Thee, O Lord of Life and Wisdom, when Vohuman entered within me and through Thy inspiring words I grew wise and far-sighted. Although I have realized that creating of faith in the hearts of people is very hard, nevertheless I shall accomplish, my Lord, whatever is realized by Thee as the best action, with self-sacrifice and great attempt.


Verse 12:

When Thou ordered me to follow the Truth with full wisdom, Thou spoke words which were mine own wish. I shall try to bestir Sraosha, or the voice of conscience, within myself and suffuse my heart with the light divine and realize this truth that righteous and wicked ones shall receive rewards or punishments which are due to them.


Verse 13:

As Divine and Sacred have I recognized Thee, O Ahura Mazda, when Vohuman entered within me and light of Truth and knowledge brightened my heart. Do grant me a long life, O my Lord, so that I may achieve my best wishes and desires, the gift which no one else, except Thee, can grant. A life full of service to humanity and activity for the progress of the world which depends upon Thy Khashathra (5).


Verse 14:

Just as a brave and strong man loves his friend and brings solace to him, so also do grant excessive happiness to my followers. Do Thou grant that joy and happiness which are achieved only by truth and is in your power alone to grant. I shall protect, O my Lord, the religion of truth and all who sing the songs sang by Thy Heavenly Messenger.


Verse 15:

As divine and sacred have I recognized Thee, O Lord of Life and Wisdom, when Vohuman entered within me and light of Truth and knowledge brightened my heart. Then I realized that silent and deep meditation is the best means of acquiring knowledge and spiritual insight; and that it is not fit for any leader to make peace with the followers of untruth, because they regard righteous and truthful persons as their enemies.


Verse 16:

O Ahura Mazda, Zarathushtra has selected for himself pure wisdom as his guide. May truth and righteousness strengthen our material lives. May spiritual power along with faith and love lighten our hearts as shining rays of sun. Do grant reward, O my Lord, to the persons who perform their actions through pure mind and wisdom.


(1) Refers to the person making others happy (see verse 1st).

(2) Highest good means the best gifts of the Lord, Mazda.

(3) Questioning of Zoroaster from Vohuman means referring to pure mind and realizing the truth with deep and clear thought and a good insight.

(4) Spiritual flame refers to a clear and bright conscience.

(5) Khashathra here means bodily strength, will power and spiritually helping the people; serving humanity by working for the progress and uplift of the world. Khashathra also means to have control on our passions.


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