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Ahunuvaiti Gatha

Yasna 31


Verse 1:

O, Ye who art in search of knowledge, I shall now proclaim the teachings and the message which of not so far been heard by anyone. This message is not pleasing to those who destroy the world of truth through their lures of devils and incorrect teachings, but it creates joy for those who have dedicated their hearts to Mazda.


Verse 2:

Since deluded by these lures, you are unable to realize the right path clearly and choose the same, therefore, Mazda Ahura appointed me as your teacher, so that both parties of good and evil may live in accord with Asha.


Verse 3:

What shall Thou, O God, bestow upon us through Thy spiritual lights? What is the bliss attainable through truth and purity which has been promised to all? What order has been issued in respect of the learned ones? Explain to me, O Mazda, whole of the said facts and enlightened me with Thy inspiring words, so that I may convert all the people into the right path.


Verse 4:

Do not, refuse us Thy gracious aids, O Mazda and Amesha Spentas, so that we may attain pure mind and spiritual strength through purity and truth; sincere love and humility as well and by developing the said attributes we may overcome the followers of falsehood.


Verse 5:

Show me O, Almighty, the best path, so that I may decide which path is in accord with Asha. Reveal to me through good mind the recompense which befalls me, so that I may feel exalted with joy. Make me aware of everything, O Mazda Ahura, which has happened in the past or may happen in future.


Verse 6:

The wise man who propagates the true religion and makes the people aware of my holy message, which leads them to perfection and immortality, shall enjoy the highest bliss. He shall, no doubt, enjoy Ahura's power too, which increases through pure mind.


Verse 7:

He is the first, who through his thoughtful mind streamed forth the lights on high and with his wisdom declared the law of truth, through which He upholds the pure-minded. That light which is the light of faith do Thou, O Mazda Ahura, who art always the same, brighten in our hearts.


Verse 8:

O, Lord of Life and Wisdom, when I realized Thee in my mind as the the First and the Last of Creation, then I found with my inner sight (conscience) that Thou art the Father of Vohuman, the Creator of Truth and the Supreme Judge who justifies the actions of all the living beings.


Verse 9:

Thine is Armaiti; Thine is the Wisdom of Creating the world. Thou, O Mazda Ahura, hast granted to living beings the power to choose the path of good or evil, the path followed by the true leader or the one led by the person who was never a true leader. (In other words to follow the True Path and the Real Shepherd, or the False One who was not a true leader).


Verse 10:

Between the above to paths mankind should select as supporter and true leader a righteous Master promoting good thought. Never may the false leader, O Mazda, share a powerful memory, even though showing to be pious outworldly.


Verse 11:

Since, O Mazda, from the beginning, Thou didst create soul and body; mental power and knowledge and since Thou didst place life within the corporeal body and didst bestow to mankind the power to act, speak and guide, you wished that everyone should choose his or her own faith and path freely .


Verse 12:

Therefore, every one announces his or her belief, whether false speaker or true speaker, whether lightened or unenlightened, and wherever doubt exists Armaiti i.e. faith and devotion shall appeal to the soul for guidance.


Verse 13:

O, Lord, Thou art well aware of the thoughts and deeds of all in open and secret. Thou art also aware of the one who undergoes the highest penance for a small sin. Thou, O Lord, watchest everything with radiant eyes and observe them in accord with Asha.


Verse 14:

I ask of the, O Lord of Life, how indeed has all happened in the past and how shall it be in the future? What recompense and punishment shall be registered in the booklet of the lives of good and evil ones, and how would be their situation and the day of resurrection.

I would us the, O Ahura, who art aware of the past and future events, what has been ordained for the righteous ones and how the false ones would be treated on the doomsday?


Verse 15:

I ask the, O Lord of Life, what is the penalty of those who increase the power of the false one and the wicked person? Also, what is the penalty of those who have no other fulfillment in life, except separating the faithful people from their true shepherd.


Verse 16:

I ask the, O Lord, if a man of good insight with strength of body strives earnestly for the progress of the house, city and country and for the increase of truth and righteousness, does he merge in Truth? When and how such a wish is fulfilled O, Mazda Ahura?


Verse 17:

Which of the two persons; the righteous and pious or the wicked and impure ones, shall choose the best path? The wise man should explain with his knowledge the secrets to the ignorance ones. Let not the ignorant go astray. O Mazda Ahura, let Vohuman's secret (i.e. the spiritual love and pure mind) be revealed to all.


Verse 18:

Let no one give ears to the words of false and the wicked ones, because such persons shall lead the home, the village, the town and the country to ruin and destruction. It is, therefore, our duty to resist such persons and repel them with spiritual weapons of purity and righteousness.


Verse 19:

May the people, O Lord of Life, give ear to a wise man whose teachings are soul heating and beneficial and act according to them in their lives. May they listen to the person who is capable of spreading the religion of truth and has eloquence of speech. Through Thy radiant fire, O Lord of Wisdom, do assign the densities of both parties (the wise and the ignorant).


Verse 20:

One who follows righteousness and purity (and accepts righteousness as his job) shall enjoy the light of paradise as his or her eternal abode. However, the liars and evil persons shall have to stay a very long time in darkness with woe and uneasiness. The evil thought and unworthy character of the sinful person are in truth the factors which bring about a sorrowful life and an uneasy conscience for the owner.


Verse 21:

The Lord of Wisdom and Life shall, through His wisdom, perfection and inspiring power, bestow upon persons who are faithful to him in thought and deed, perfection, eternity, purity, spiritual power and strength of serving mankind.


Verse 22:

O, Mazda Ahura, the wise and clever man is the person who realizes the truth and is aware of the Lord's Law by His thought. He protects the truth and purity through His spiritual power, and will neither speak nor act except in truth. He shall try his best for the spread of truth. Such a man, O Mazda, shall be faithful to Thee and shall be regarded as worthiest man for helping the people.


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