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Ushtavad Gatha

Yasna 46


Verse 1:

To what land shall I turn? Wither shall I turn for protection? My relatives have left me alone and my friends keep themselves apart from me. My co-workers bring no satisfaction for me. The rulers of the country are all inclined to untruth. How can I please Thee, O Ahura, by fulfilling my mission.


Verse 2:

I am well aware, O Mazda, of my inability and insignificant possessions. My wealth is small and my friends and well wishers few in number. To Thee I appeal, O Ahura, like a beloved who expects love, kindness and perfect bliss from his lover. Let me enjoy the might of love and good thought, O my Lord, through Asha, the eternal law of truth and purity.


Verse 3:

When shall, O Mazda, dawn the days of good luck, and people of the world will go towards Asha? When shall the saviors of mankind guide the people with their knowledge, wisdom and effective teachings? To whom shall Vohuman, good thought, show inclination? I have chosen Thee, O Ahura, as my teacher and loving gospel.


Verse 4:

The followers of untruth try to prevent those who support Asha from advancing towards their sacred goal, i.e.truthfulness, righteousness and flourishing of the province and country. They are well-known for their unfriendly actions. The persons who oppose the followers of untruth, O Mazda, with heart and soul, he shall lead the world to real and true wisdom.


Verse 5:

The strong and wise man who welcomes with consideration a suppliant whether the followers of truth or untruth according to Law Divine, and/or out of love and humanity he is the follower of Asha and his life is full of rectitude and righteousness. He is a wise man, O Mazda Ahura, who saves the nine from going astray and soul destroying path, leading him to self-reliance and self knowledge.


Verse 6:

If a strong man does not guide a wicked person towards righteousness, he shall get ensnare by the followers of untruth. One who wishes victory for the followers of untruth and supports them shall himself become the follower of untruth; and one who represents the truthful man and loves them shall be regarded as righteous. This is the eternal law made down by Thee, O Ahura, since the day Thou didst create the human being.


Verse 7:

Whom, O Mazda, hast Thou appointed as my protector except Thine own Fire and Thy Vohuman, when the follower of untruth sets himself against me with violence? To the working of these two together, O Ahura, the Eternal Law of Truth shall be fulfilled. Do Thou declare clearly this sacred lore to me. O my Lord, so that my soul and conscience may realize this sacred truth.


Verse 8:

One who thinks of injuring Life, his wicked deeds shall not injure me but the result of this hatred shall recoil to himself. His deeds of hatred and wickedness shall prevent his self from knowing Perfect Life and performing good works. Anger and hatred shall nowise guard him, O Mazda, from an Evil Life which shall be his lot.


Verse 9:

Who is that Great One, the foremost teacher, who taught us that Thou art alone the most worthy to be invoked, and Thou art the holy Judge of all acts as Lord of Truth. We shall strive, O my Lord, to unveil the mysteries of life and the Eternal Law of Asha through Vohuman, and to get aware of the Law of Truth as declared by the Creator.


Verse 10:

The man or woman who performs the work which has been declared as the best by Thee, O Ahura Mazda, in this world, such a person shall enjoy Asha and Khashathra' s reward (1) which is spiritual strength and serving of humanity. The said spiritual strength can only be achieved through Vohuman. I shall teach them, O my Lord, to worship Thee alone, and shall guide them when they march across the Chinvat (Judgement) Bridge (2).


Verse 11:

Kavians and Karapans, the devil worshipping priests and princes are united and try to destroy the spiritual or true lives of the people by their evil deeds; and when they approach the judgment bridge, they are ashamed of their souls and inner-selves which shall chide them as they fall down in the abode of untruth, where they are obliged to dwell forever.


Verse 12:

When relatives and strong progeny of the Turanian Fariyana show inclination towards Asha and strive for the advancement of life and prosperity of the world, then Fariyana shall weld them together through Vohuman and shall reveal to them Mazda Ahura's Law that leads to bliss and salvation.


Verse 13:

One who satisfies the holy Spitama Zarathushtra and helps him to fulfill is mission, verily that man shall be renowned as upright. To him Mazda Ahura shall grant the best life, and in wider circles shall his love and Vohuman extend. Him shall we regard, O my Lord, close knit with Asha (3) and in tune with Ahura's Law.


Verse 14:

Who is your righteous friend, O Zarathushtra, the follower of truth? Who is the person that would strive for the spreading of fame of the Magas Brotherhood? This person is certainly of Kava Vishtaspa, the brave king. I shall deliver, O Ahura, Thy heavenly message to the people, enabling them to live in such a way as to deserve Thy Abode i.e. the paradise.


Verse 15:

O, scions of Haechat Aspa (2) and Spitama, I shall now teach you something which is best for Ye to hear. It will enable you to know the wise from the unwise. Besides through good deeds, you shall reach Asha as specified by Ahura's Eternal Law.


Verse 16:

O, Frashaoshtra of the family of Hvogva (5), do guide the faithful devotees to perfection and light eternal, as we both do wish same; where truth, love and devotion are united; and good mind along with spiritual strength reign supreme; where Mazda Ahura dwells in His glory.


Verse 17:

O, Wise Jamaspa of Hvogva family learn this point that movement and activity are better than laziness and inactivity. Therefore, worship Him with full conscience and good deeds. Worship Ahura Mazda, who discerns the wise from the unwise and is Guardian of This World.


Verse 18:

The best I promise truly to the man who helps me whole heartedly in fulfilling my mission. I would offer my best love and gifts to such a person through Vohuman. However, I shall oppose him, who places himself in opposition to me. O, Ahura Mazda, I shall fulfill Thy wish since this is the choice of my mind and heart.


Verse 19:

Who so fulfills Zoroaster's best wish, he shall enjoy an Eternal Life as reward. His wishes and heart's desires shall be accomplished in this world. All this, O Mazda, Thou most wise, have revealed to me.


(1) A life full of truth, righteousness and purity.

(2) Chinvat or Sarat Bridge is the bridge of Judgement where good and bad are judged.

(3) Lovers of truth and purity, and followers of law and discipline.

(4) Great grandfather of Zoroaster.

(5) The name of father and also family name of Frashaoshtra and Jamaspa. This is Hobub in Pahlavi.


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