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Spentamad Gatha

Yasna 49


Verse 1:

O Mazda, the greatest barrier in my way is Bandva, who by misleading the people always feels contentment. Come towards me, O Forgiving and Kind Lord, and grant me strength, enabling me to overpower him through Vohuman and save him from going astray, enjoying the good rewards.


Verse 2:

Indeed, the corrections of Bandva makes me anxious, since he teaches untruth and duplicity, keeping the people away from truth and purity. Never he shows love and faith towards God, and even not for a moment does he think of Thee with pure mind, O Mazda.


Verse 3:

O my Lord, Thou hast laid down that truth shall prevail and is profitable, but untruth shall frustrate and is harmful. Therefore, it is hoped that people would commune with Vohuman and renounce all contact with untruth and its followers completely.


Verse 4:

The evil-minded increase anger with their tongues which wag in gossip and cause envy and hinder the true workers. The doers of evil whose longing is not for good deeds are so tied up to untruth that they more resemble monsters wearing human shape.


Verse 5:

One who through his inner urge and self-sacrifice links his own self with Vohuman, such a person enjoys love of God and is wise through Asha. With the above-mentioned qualifications, he shall ultimately dwell, O Ahura, in Thy Eternal Realm.


Verse 6:

Earnestly do I urge Ye, O Mazda and Asha, to declare to me your Holy Plan, so that I may know the truth and reveal to the world that religion which has been inspired to me, O Ahura, by Thee.


Verse 7:

May all listen with pure thought and bright conscience to my words carefully, O my Lord. Bear Thou witness, O Ahura, when I proclaim to men Thy holy words, so that the friends and the self-reliant (1) may live in accordance with Lord's Law, and may sets a good example for comrades and co-workers.


Verse 8:

Grant to Frashaoshtra (2), O Mazda Ahura, the best blessings of Asha, namely the union with Him, and grant the same gifts to other people and my followers as well. May we serve the people through Khashathra, the spiritual strength, and may we be Thy sincere friends for all times.


Verse 9:

Let the Helper who is born to deliver mankind from difficulties listen to these teachings carefully, that truthful persons should never think of association with the followers of untruth and wicked ones. Those who are faithful and with conscience, O Wise Jamaspa, they are combined with truth and righteousness, and shall, ultimately, enjoy the best reward or paradise.


Verse 10:

With greetings to Armaiti, the symbol of faith, humility and inner wishes, I deliver to Thee, O Mazda, these precious gems, i.e. the souls of the pure-minded and righteous persons for Thy safe keeping, since Thou art the Great King and the Eternal Strength.


Verse 11:

The souls of tyrant kings, wicked persons, evil speakers, evil thinkers and followers of untruth shall return to hell, or the abode of untruth, since their inner-selves have gone dim and have turned away from the light of truth.


Verse 12:

What help shall come to Thy worshippers, O Lord, through Asha. Does Zarathushtra enjoy Thy help as well through Vohuman? I praise Thee, O Mazda Ahura, in my hymns and expect enjoying what Thou deemest the best.


(1) Please refer to Verse 1 of Hat 32.

(2) An intimate and faithful friend of Zoroaster and brother of Jamaspa.


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